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Alexander The Great’s Last Will Found 2,000 Years After His Death

Alexander The Great's Last Will Found 2,000 Years After His Death

‘Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.’

Alexander the Great

Whether you have read the history books or not, have even an iota of interest in historical dates, kings and wars or do not at all like the subject, still you must have definitely heard of Alexander the Great!

Alexander the Great has always been witnessed, thought and respected as one of the most successful military commanders. He had fabricated a vast empire which stretched from Macedonia and Greece in Europe to Persia, Egypt and even part of Northern India. At the time of his death, he was aged 32.

It was rather surprising and conflicting at the same time, that this greatest hero of his times had not made his will. In fact, there are only 5 accounts of his demise at Babylon in 323 BC, which have survived till today. It will however be interesting for the readers to know, that none of them are from eyewitnesses:-

  • There is an account which relates to the Roman era, it says that Alexander died leaving his kingdom to ‘to the strongest’ of his generals.
  • There is also the version which indicates that he died speechless in a coma, without any plans for succession.

Undoubtedly the historians failed to notice the evidence for the lost of the will which is very much present in the manuscript ‘Alexander Romance’.

Alexander The Great's Last Will Found 2,000 Years After His DeathAlexander Romance. Armenian illuminated manuscript of XIVth century of Vth century translation

What is the pertinence of the manuscript ‘Alexander Romance’?

The book consists of many numbers of historical fragments about the campaign of the Great Alexander, in the Persian Empire. So, there was the last chapter in the book, which had a political pamphlet along with Alexander’s will. However, it has been rubbished of thinking it to be a work of early fiction.

Yet, the 10 year research project which was undertaken by David Grant- Expert on Alexander suggests differently. He is presently based in London.

The revelation

The revelation for the entire will have been made in the new book of Mr. Grant named ‘In Search of the Lost Testament of Alexander the Great’. In accordance with the real will, he names his then unborn half-Asian son Alexander IV and the elder son Heracles as his successor.

Alexander The Great's Last Will Found 2,000 Years After His Death17th-century manuscript of an Alexandrine novel (Russia): Alexander exploring the depths of sea.

What could have been the acumen behind hiding the real will?

As it always happens in aristocracy, there are few real friends and more enemies. This is what exactly happened back then. So, the Alexander’s original will was suppressed by his most powerful generals. They could not somehow accept the leadership of the half-breed sons (this was probably the Macedonian way of looking). It was really not acceptable by the authority to be ruled or subordinated by a son bred from a race, which they had actually conquered. Rather, they indulged into the so-called Successor Wars to get the power.

And, if the findings of Mr. Grant are correct, it would be a turn of the academic studies which have been there for 2000 years.

It is quite possible that the testaments have been played with so as to turn the truth in the way the Generals wanted.

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