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9 Historical Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

9 Historical Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.

Harry S Truman

This world is surrounded by unsolved mysteries. Some are solved by science, but others remain unexplained and might stay unsolved forever. Some are as ancient as humanity, but our fascination with them keeps them timeless. Here is a list of historical mysteries that are probably the most intriguing such as who was Jack the Ripper, what happened to the Mary Celeste, and did Richard III really murder the princes in the Tower?

1 – The Mary Celeste

9 Historical Mysteries That Are Still UnsolvedCaptain Briggs' Daughter and Wife

It is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the sea, which has become synonymous with ‘Ghost Ships’. On 5 December 1872, the Mary Celeste was found drifting almost 400 miles east of the Azores, by the crew of another cargo-carrying vessel and it was apparently a thoroughly wet mess, with possessions left behind and the lifeboat was missing. No trace has ever been found of the Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs, his wife and their young daughter or the seven experienced crew members. Many theories have been put up, but it still remains an unsolved mystery.

2 – Jack The Ripper

9 Historical Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

126 years after the gruesome killing spree in London’s East End in 1888, true identity of this Victorian serial killer continues to elude. Many theories have been come up, but in the latest development, an ‘arm chair’ detective claims DNA evidence from the shawl of one of the victims, has identified Polish émigré Aaron Kosminski, one of a list of key suspects.

3 – Kenneth Arnold’s ‘Flying Saucers’

9 Historical Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

Private pilot Ken Arnold claimed of sightings, on the afternoon of 24 June 1947, of nine peculiar-shaped flying objects over the Cascade Mountains of Washington and claimed that they moved like a saucer and faster than any jet aircraft of that time. The US Army Air Force apparently announced that wreckage from a ‘flying disc’ had been recovered from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico just after two weeks of Arnold’s sighting. But, no one knows what exactly Arnold saw.

4 – The Devil’s Footprints

On 9 February 1855, in the morning, people in towns across southern Devon woke up to find a single line of hoof-like marks, as if done with hot iron, in the deep snow. Some speculated that it could have been a strange animal, such as an escaped kangaroo, badgers and mice or a balloon trailing a horseshoe-shaped grappling rope, but apparently it is still a mystery.

5 – The Shroud Of Turin

9 Historical Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

A piece of linen cloth believed by many Christians to be the shroud in which Jesus of Nazareth was buried, and kept in the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Turin, bears a negative imprint of the face and outline of the body of a man who has suffered injuries consistent with crucifixion. Apparently the radiocarbon dating showed it belongs to the middle ages, but, its origin still baffles the researchers.

6 – Richard III And The Princes In The Tower

9 Historical Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

This is an apparent example of psychic archaeology, where a dig that unearthed king of England, Richard III’s skeleton in 2012, was instigated by Philippa Langley of the Richard III Society as she had a strange feeling while visiting the site. His precise role in the fate of his two nephews called ‘The princes in the Tower”- where he lodged both of them in the Tower of London and later a box containing two small human skeletons was found near the White Tower’, still remains a mystery. They disappeared in 1483 and their remains were found in the 17th century.

7 – The Solway Spaceman

Jim Templeton, on the afternoon of 23 May 1964, took photographs of his wife and daughter during a day out and later found one image of his youngest daughter Elizabeth that clearly showed an enigmatic ‘figure’ floating behind her head that apparently looked like NASA astronaut dressed in spacesuit. Even after various examinations, that photo still remains a mystery.

8 – Mothman

9 Historical Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

Four American teenagers, in November 1966, claimed to have seen a bird-like monster with glowing red eyes that rose into the air, unfolded its bat-like wings, and pursued them as they sped away in terror. Next morning the media dubbed the creature ‘Mothman’, which was believed to be linked in the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant.

9 – Monsters Of The Deep

9 Historical Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

The captain and crew of HMS Daedalus sighted an animal such as the great ‘sea serpent’, near the island of St Helena in 1848. The researcher claim there could still be such animals and creatures that have not yet been seen or described.

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