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12 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest The Existence Of Giants

The shadows of real giants loom throughout mythology and folklore. Almost every culture and society nourishes its tales of huge people who once dominated the earth. Over the last 200 years, since the early 20th century, there have been many reports indicating towards giant skeletal remains or fossilized footprints that signify the actual existence of monsters.

Researchers who studied this phenomenon suggest the giants had a median height of 7 feet or more and had human appearance. The Giants were believed to have their own culture, races and civilization at different times and in different places.

Are they all hoaxes, or are there more to these stories than we might think? Here are 10 alleged “giant” discoveries.

1 – Massive Footprints At Ain Dara Temple

The Ain Dara temple has managed to add another piece to the puzzle of humanity. The temple is nestled in the west of the Syrian village of Ain Dara. It is in the northwest of Aleppo.

12 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest The Existence Of GiantsThe distance between the 2 footprints implied that for an individual to go from one to another, would mean a leap of 30 feet.

Giant footprints found just outside the entrance of the shrine have incited mystery towards the place.

The footprints measured almost 1 m in length at the entrance of the shrine. They are engraved into the rigid stone. The floor of the portico has a pair of foot-mark. And, a second footprint is about 30 feet away from the former, at the main hall entrance.

The distance between the 2 footprints implied that for an individual to go from one to another, would mean a leap of 30 feet. However, if was a 65 feet tall giant, it would mean a simple step. In accordance with the historian the markings do not indicate to the real giants walking the Earth. However, there is still a mystery which is left to be understood.

There is a possibility that those who made the shrine crafted these carvings. Yet again, the purpose of the same is still to be determined.

2 – Giant Bones at Lake Delvan, Wisconsin

A report in The New York Times on May 4, 1912, indicated the discovery of 18 gigantic skeletons, buried in charcoal and baked clay at Lake Delavan in Wisconsin. The skeletons were found by the Phillips brothers while excavating a burial mound. The skeletal remains are believed to belong to an unknown race of people who once existed in the area. The skeletons measured around 7 feet to more than 9 feet tall.

12 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest The Existence Of Giants18 gigantic skeletons allegedly found at Lake Delavan in Wisconsin

Although the Giants appeared human, there were some distinct differences besides their larger size. The bone above the eye socket sloped straight back, and the nose was much higher than the cheekbones. The jawbones had the resemblance to the head of a monkey.

Such giants were also found in 1891 in the ancient city of Aztalan near Madison, Wisconsin. The New York Times reported that scientists from the Smithsonian Institute found some giant remains while investigating the burial mounds. Six years later, in 1897, yet another report indicated the discovery of a 2.7-meter (9ft) skeleton near Maple Creek.

Although every report claimed of a study and a follow-up investigation, there were no published reports about them.

3 – Mysterious Giants Of Nevada: findings Of Lovelock Cave

The LoveLock Cave sits comfortably around 20 miles south of Lovelock, Nevada. Older than any settlement on the continent, this cave had remains of around 60 human mummies of average height and a 15-inch large handprint on the wall. The corpses were discovered by David Hart and James Pugh, two miners, who went digging in 1911.

12 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest The Existence Of GiantsTwo giant skeletons allegedly found near the Lovelock Cave in Nevada

The miners contacted Alfred Kroeber, founder of the University of California’s Anthropology Department. The first archaeological project in the cave started in 1912 and was followed by two more digs in 1924 and 1929. During the excavations, many ancient artefacts were found which included numerous bones and weapons. They also found sandals that measured around 38 centimetres (15 inches) in length along with the giant handprint on the wall which measured 2.5 to 3 meters (8-10 ft) contrary to the report submitted by the miners.

All these evidence indicate the existence of the Paiutes, a native American tribe (giants with red hair and white skin) thousands of years ago.

4 – Kap-Dwa: A Mysterious Two Headed Giant From Patagonia

Kap Dwa is an ancient, mummified two-headed Patagonian giant that originated in the jungles of Argentina, South America.The creature’s legend begins in 1673, where the giant of over 12 feet with two heads, was captured by Spanish sailors and set captive on their ship. The Spaniards lashed him to the mainmast, but he broke free (being a giant) and during the ensuing battle suffered a fatal injury; they skewered him through the chest with a pike.

12 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest The Existence Of GiantsKap Dwa, the two-headed Patagonian giant

Kap Dwa, being most likely real, indicates that the probability of giants to have existed in the past. There are biblical references to the giants who were apparently born from the son of gods and the daughters of human, which are called Nephilim.

Also, there are references from the Bible that mentions about giants who inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan. There is a possibility of Kap Dwa being real, but at the same time, our planet is home to uncommon. We have seen people with unnatural heights and two headed people who are conjoined twins.

5 – Remains found in Ecuador

In 1964 in Ecuador, Father Carlos Vaca, a priest who also worked in hospitals found some giant bones. He discovered the bones from a mountain and kept them in his home until his death. Klaus Dona, an Austrian artefact researcher, took the bones to Austria after receiving permissions to feature them in an exhibition called, “Unsolved Mysteries”.

Michael Strikingly tall skeletons uncovered in the Ecuador and Peru Amazon region are undergoing examination in Germany, according to a research team headed by British anthropologist Russell Dement. (Image Source)

Klaus claims many experts examined the bones and reported them to belong to humans. The size of the bone is estimated to be around 7.6 meters (25ft) tall! In an interview with Project Camelot, Dona said that the DNA tests of the bones conducted by Austrian archaeological DNA specialist revealed no DNA strands which led to the conclusion that the bones are around 10,000 years old. Dona also claimed that the area from where the bones were recovered was called as ‘cemetery of the giants’ in local Ayamara language.

6 – “Goliath’s Footprint” in Mpaluzi, South Africa

Over the time, many giant footprints have been unearthed in different places of the world. One such incident took place in Mpaluzi town, which is close to the Swaziland border in South Africa. Giant footprints which were around 1.2 meters (4ft) long were found in the city. These prints were similar to those of humans. Soon, they were known to the world as ‘Goliath’s Footprints’. The age of the Goliath’s footprints has been the topic of debate for a while now. Some reports claim that they are approximately around 200 million to three billion years old.

12 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest The Existence Of GiantsGiant footprints in Mpaluzi town, close to the Swaziland border in South Africa

Besides these, there have been several other reports of such fossilized prints. In 1926, The Oakland Tribune had a story about 1.5 meters (5 ft) long footprints on the top of a cliff in San Jose, California. In 1925, a 2.5-meter (8 ft) footprint was found near San Jose at the John Bunting ranch.

In 1976, Mary Leaky, an anthropologist reported of discovering normal-sized fossilized footprints in Tanzania. According to her, the prints seemed entirely human, but the age was around 3.6 million years old which affirms the belief that humans existed on earth.

7 – Aleutian Island Discovery of 1940

Ivan T. Sanderson, a renowned zoologist, was exploring the Aleutian Islands in 1940 after receiving a letter from one of the engineers working on Shemya in the Aleutian Islands during World War II. Sanderson found skulls measuring 22-24 inches (56 to 61 centimetres) from top to bottom. The average head measured just 8-inches.

12 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest The Existence Of GiantsAn ancient burial cave containing the mummified remains of more than 30 people has been found in the Aleutian Islands.

Sanderson received yet another letter from another member of the unit who confirmed the find and corroborated the first letter. Interestingly, both men mentioned in their notes that the Smithsonian Institution had “taken” the remains. Sanderson revealed that the Smithsonian released no data on the find and denied of possessing any such relics.

8 – Giants Of The Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, 2014

In 2008, a local herdsman from the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia found a stone-built crypt that had two massive skeletons sitting on a large table. In 2014, the TV show The Unexplained Files aired an episode about the ancient giant civilizations which included the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia.

Following this, a group of researchers decided to venture into the area to find more leads. They found the remains of a human with a height of 8 to 10 feet. The samples were investigated by Professor Vekua, a renowned scientist who confirmed them to be human bones. Before reaching any conclusion, Vekua passed away, and even the Unexplained Files team could not find more evidence as the crypt appeared to have completely collapsed.

9 – Giant Human Finger Found in Egypt

In Egypt, photographs of a mummified giant finger were revealed to the public in March 2012. The finger was 15 inches long. However, in spite of the alleged evidence, the finger’s authenticity needs to be verified as the person who took the picture doesn’t have the finger.

According to a story, which appeared on the website of Bild, a German tabloid, the photos were taken by Gregor Sporri in 1988. Sporri had paid $300 to an unknown man who claimed to belong to the ‘robber dynasty’. The unidentified man provided the X-ray of the finger along with a certificate to Sporri to prove that it was a human finger.

Sporri returned to Egypt in 2009 and hoped to track down the man, but in vain. Roman scholar Flavius Josephus believes that giants existed in ancient Egypt. In 79 AD, he wrote in The History of the Jewish War that, “There were giants. Much larger and shaped differently than normal people. Terrible to behold!”

10 – Massive Mummies of Colorado River

G.E. Kinkaid, an explorer who was rafting along the Colorado River, found a series of tunnels leading one-mile underground. On exploring the tunnels, he found giant mummies that stood nearly 9-feet tall wrapped in dark shrouds.

12 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest The Existence Of GiantsThe mummies were around 9 feet tall but no photograph was never found. (Image Source)

Kinkaid also found some copper weapons and tools and a large statue which he claims to look like Buddha and ancient tablets with strange hieroglyphics. Kinkaid added a hint of controversy to his discovery by stating that the government had deliberately closed and sealed the area to keep the public ‘ in the dark’ about its existence.

11 – Massive Skeleton in Bulgaria Fortress

Around 7000 years ago, Varna, which is the modern Bulgaria, was considered as the Greek city of Odessos and an important trading hub. In January 2015, the skeletal remains of a giant human were unearthed. The excavators found the remains in a jar which belonged to the 5th century. They also found an unknown fortress wall. On digging the wall, they stumbled upon a skeleton with his hands on the waist and head facing towards the east.

Investigators and excavators are of the opinion that he was placed in that position purposely and the position had some importance related to his death and burial at that time. However, the exact height of the skeleton is still unknown.

12 – Giants of Death Valley

In 1931, F. Bruce Russell, a former physician discovered a series of caves and tunnels in the Death Valley of Mojave Desert. On exploring them further, he found some remains of human skeletons that stood 9-feet tall.

12 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest The Existence Of GiantsAllegedly several human skeletons, each around 2.7 meters (9 ft) tall were found on Death Valley in 1947

Apparently, Russell informed about this incident to Howard E. Hill. Hill mentioned it at a meeting of the Los Angeles Transportation Club, and the same was reported in The San Diego Union on August 4, 1947. Within the network of tunnels and caverns, the pair found an ancient people’s ‘ritual hall’ where markings similar to those in Masonic societies were found. Hieroglyphics were also discovered that resembled those with the lost civilization of Atlantis.

All these reports do suggest that humans and the so-called giants did co-exist at some point of time in history.

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