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10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Jungle

10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Jungle

“The forest did not tolerate frailty of body or mind.

Show your weakness, and it would consume you without hesitation.”

― Tahir Shah, House of the Tiger King: The Quest for a Lost City

Many of the world’s jungles remain unexplored and are therefore full of mysteries, whether it’s a lost person, an newly discovered artefact or even a legend that rings true we will probably never know the answers to many of these strange happenings:

1 – The Cannibal In The Jungle

Probably one of the most interesting mysteries, on which there was apparently a TV documentary released by animal planet. The mystery holds that in 1977, ornithologist Dr. Timothy Darrow, fellow scientist Dr. Gary Ward, and the jungle guide Drajat “Reggie” Saputra explored the island of Flores in Indonesia in search of the presumed extinct Flores Scops Owl. While exploring, they found something dark and maybe even evil. Only Darrow managed to return alive, but he was charged with two counts of murder and accused of cannibalizing the bodies of his friends and was sent in Indonesian Prison.

fotorcreatedLeft:“Dr. Timothy Darrow” (center), surrounded by Gary Ward (left) and Reggie Suputra Right:Dr. Richard Hoernboeck, who sets out to prove Darrow’s story that “little men of the forest” ate his compatriots

Although he maintained that the murder was done by some Jungle creatures, 25 years later, the remains of a previously unknown humanoid “Hobbit” was discovered on Flores island, which raised a question if it was responsible for the two murders. Some believe this actually happened while some consider it just a fictional story.

2 – The Amazon Rings

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A series of ring-shaped ditches can be found throughout the Brazilian Amazon, which some consider to be marks of the Alien landing spaceships, and some consider it similar to the Nazca lines, but no one is sure of what they are.

3 – Maricoxi

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Maricoxi, the sasquatches of South America are reported to be huge, ape-like beings that can stand up to 3.7 meters (12 ft) tall, fairly intelligent, wielding bows and arrows and even living in villages. The British explorer Colonel Percival H. Fawcett, who allegedly encountered the creatures, disappeared along with all his men while on an expedition to find a lost city in 1925. Some claim that he was killed by Maricoxi, but there are no proofs.

4 – Prehistoric Stone Balls

10 Weird And Unexplained Mysteries Of The Jungle

Hundreds of large stone spheres are scattered across the Costa Rican jungle, which the archeologists believe, were made by the pre-historic people. But, what is mysterious is, how did they managed to build them and how were they taken uphill, because there is no evidence of the tools used to make the spheres, in the nearby areas.

5 – The Boiling River

10 Weird And Unexplained Mysteries Of The Jungle

In the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, the boiling river lies, which goes up to a temperature of 90 degree Celsius and kills anything that falls into it. The reason for the boiling of water is not known but some researchers claim that a drilling company accidentally ruptured a geothermal system, releasing gasses from inside the Earth into the river.

6 – The Lost City Of Giants

Deep in the Ecuadorian jungle, Lost City of Giants was discovered in 2012. When a group of explorer went there, they found a set of massive structures,  the largest being a 79-meter-tall by 79-meter-wide (260 ft x 260 ft) pyramid of unusual shape. Also, many oversized tools and artefacts were found there, pointing towards the fact that there could be giants dwelling there.

7 – The Stone Head Of Guatemala

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A colossal stone head was discovered, in the jungles of Guatemala, with unusual features, such as thin lips and a large nose, and was found directed up at the sky, apparently resembling a Caucasian man. A documentary was filmed on the same, where an archeologist from Guatemala was interviewed. He claimed that this structure was made by some advanced civilisation, not probably belonging to Earth.

8 – The Disappearance Of Michael Rockefeller

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The son of eventual US vice president Nelson Rockefeller, Michael Rockefeller, a 23-year-old Harvard graduate, disappeared mysteriously in 1961 while searching for tribal artworks in the jungles of New Guinea. Apparently, Michael’s boat overturned during his expedition and he along with his partner was stranded 16 Kms off shore. He thought he could swim and make it to the mainland and get help, but he never returned. There are various theories about his disappearance, that he made it to the shore but was cannibalised by the Asmat tribe but there are no proofs.

9 – Amazon Rainforest Alien

Two British tourists visiting Brazil’s Mamaus region, in 2011, accidentally captured a picture of what appears to be an extraterrestrial being, which was spotted in the background of the picture taken by a renowned paranormal writer Michael Cohen. Adding to the mystery, is the fact that the area is famous for UFO sightings. But, in spite of a high-level Brazilian government investigation, for the same, nothing could be found and it is still a mystery.

10 – Flesh-Eating Parasite

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A team of explorers uncovered the legendary Lost City of the Monkey God in Honduras, which was believed to have been deserted by the Aztecs in 1520 after a flesh-eating disease broke out and has remained untouched ever since. While exploring, they apparently were contracted with the flesh eating parasite and needed immediate medical attention. They also encountered some venomous snakes and made a narrow escape collecting a few artefacts and deciding never to come back, although they believe, there are more mysteries to this place.

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