10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our World

10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our World

Extraterrestrial life. For ages humanity has wondered is there anything else in the cold darkness of space. Some sceptic say there is no proof but there are some who dare to dream, and some even claim to have seen bizarre things with their own eyes.  Do aliens exist? Are they already here?

Most of UFO conspiracy theories argue that evidence of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial visitors is being suppressed by various governments and politicians globally.  Many untold stories haunt people’s minds and raise various doubts on the politicians’ integrity. Here are some famous write-ups and theories that indicate the connections between the government and extraterrestrial.

1 – Stanton Friedman’s Evidence

Stanton Friedman, a retired nuclear physicist, is one among those who believes that aliens exist among us. According to Friedman, there is evidence to indicate aliens’ visit to earth and their co-existence.

10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our WorldStanton T. Friedman holding a newspaper indicating the article on the crash of a flying saucer in the fields of Roswell in New Mexico (Image Source)

Friedman states that the government and security agencies hide aliens’ presence from the public. As per Friedman, the government thinks that humans are not emotionally and mentally prepared to get introduced to the extraterrestrials.

2 – Sherry Shriner’s Articles

Sherry Shriner’s article, “Underground Bases” claims that humans work with aliens. She states that the aliens are in important places like the CIA, people working in the bases and some are even UFO researchers. According to her, aliens and humans have no issues working with each other and they have been functioning under high security.

3 – Secret of Area 51

Area 51 is rumored to be the place where the US government hides aliens. Although, the government did not accept these gossips, people’s curiosity led to many investigations. Various photographs of the base led to the CIA in confirming in the year 2013 that Area 51 did exist.

10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our WorldArea 51 is claimed as a non-existent area by the government (Image Source)

The CIA did disclose some of the information, however, they refused to answer questions regarding the existence of the aliens at the base. In 2017, a group of conspiracy theorists by the name Secureteam 10 released a video of UFO tests held at Area 51.

4 – Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s Claims

Russian politician Kirsan Ilyumzhinov recalls an unexpected and bizarre experience. He claims that on September 18, 1997, aliens visited him in his apartment. He adds that he was kidnapped and taken to their ship. ABC News reported that lack of sufficient oxygen led to Ilyumzhinov’s telepathic communication with the aliens.

10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our WorldKirsan Ilyumzhinov claims that he was abducted by the aliens and that the aliens brought chess to Earth. (Image Source)

Ilyumzhinov’s story received credibility because his driver, minister and assistant confirmed his sudden and unexplainable disappearance while the Russian government also believed him. The Russian government were apprehensive that he may have some classified information that can pose danger to the country. The apprehension led to President Medvedev questioning Ilyumzhinov about his interaction with the aliens.

5 – Dmitry Medvedev’s Revelation

The current Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev has always been open about the topic alien life on earth. He first leaked the information regarding extraterrestrials by admitting that they lived among humans and also worked with them.

10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our WorldDmitry Medvedev first leaked the information regarding extraterrestrials (Image Source)

However, he did not reveal how Russia was associated with the aliens to avoid panic among the public. In fact, he had warned the ex-President of the United States, Barack Obama, to reveal their secrets failing which Russia would bring them out in open.

6 – Paul Hellyer’s Declaration

Former Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer has admitted that the aliens have visited our earth many times. Hellyer states that aliens interact with humans because they are scared of us and our wars can affect the cosmos.

The aliens are scared of the nuclear weapons and their effects. He also revealed that alien activity has increased over the last few decades. The position that Hellyer held when he spoke these words cannot be overlooked for sure.

7 – Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is famous for his leaked classified information that exposed the US government. Snowden leaked an information about United States calling the aliens as “Tall Whites” or Nordics.

10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our WorldEdward Snowden reveals shocking details of Aliens life - Photo Illustration covered by VOP Today (Image Source)

As per Snowden’s information, this alien race is the same that brought the Nazis to power before World War II. According to Snowden, the aliens controlled the United States till the end of the war. The Russian FSB spy agency added that the aliens had plans of creating a global surveillance system that will help them in hiding. Snowden’s information was published in Iran and Russia, although there were doubts regarding the authenticity.

8 – President Eisenhower’s Connections

President Eisenhower is said to have connections with the tall and white aliens who controlled the United States after World War II. Eisenhower is alleged to have some serious relationships with the aliens and several meetings with them at different times.

10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our WorldPresident Eisenhower Had 3 Secret Meetings With Aliens (Image Source)

Timothy Good, a former US government consultant reveals that three different meetings took place telepathically in different parts of New Mexico. The information leaked by Edward Snowden supports the theory of the meetings revealed by Timothy Good.

9 – Alien Activity in Tonto National Forest

The US Department of Agriculture has released information about an alien activity in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest.

10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our WorldSecret ET Base Reportedly Built in Tonto National Forest In Arizona

The department claims to have records of a caller who has seen the construction of a secret base in which alien activity happens. The person also claims of having seen UFOs and planes that indicate co-working of humans and aliens.

10 – Aliens Belief in God

WikiLeaks revealed an email to US politician John Podesta from ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell that indicated about the Pope being aware of the existence of alien life on earth. Mitchell informed Podesta that the aliens were willing to help humans to improve their life conditions.

10 Signs Showing Aliens Could Be Contributing To Our WorldWikileaks Email To John Pedesta; Astronaut Edgar Mitchell States Reason America Hides UFOs From Public, Oct 2016, UFO Sightings Daily. (Image Source)

Mitchell also referred to a space treaty that was under discussion with countries like Russia and China. The email had direct references to extraterrestrial life and was sent to an important person in American politics.

Whistle-blowers like Snowden, Medvedev, Hellyer along with many others indicate to something more than mere conspiracy theories in their information. However, till date there aren’t specific answers to these theories and claims.


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