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A Mother’s Genetics May Influence Intelligence In Child More Than Father’s

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According to the researches, children inherit intelligence from their mother mainly. Why is it so? Women are the X chromosome carriers, what is more they possess two of these, so they are more likely to gift their children with the advanced cognitive functions while father’s inheritance in this area can be even omitted!

It has been proved on mice investigations that mother’s genes give a bigger size to the brains rather than to the bodies and vice versa in the father’s case.

However mouse’s brain contains genes both from paternal and maternal sides. Paternal genes are mainly found in limbic system of brain responsible for basic emotions (fear, pleasure, anger) and drives (hunger, sex, dominance), and are totally absent in thinking and reasoning functions.

Glasgow researches went further in order to prove the theory. According to their poll, the index of intellectual level of a child is dependent on the IQ of the mother. However, they focused also on the significant role of the environment in building a personality. Whatever unique we are, we are still dependent on the society.

mother and baby bondA secure emotional connection between a mother and a child may provoke the growth of certain brain parts.

This special type of relation “mother-child” is significant not only genetically but also emotionally. The research at the Washington University lasted for 6 years and resulted in pointing out that a secure emotional connection between a mother and a child may provoke the growth of certain brain parts. Children treated by their mother with more understanding and support turned out to have 10% bigger hippocampus (the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system) than children who became distant or neglected by their mothers. When a child possesses a feeling of being secure they are more open to explore the world and more confident to come across with the difficulties. Thus, they are more likely to open their full potential in life.

Of course the father’s role in forming other gene-dependent traits has not been excluded. Father can be also the carrier of the potential intelligence inherited by their children.

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