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10 Signs Proving Your Husband Is Still Madly In Love With You

‘True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.’

Ricardo Montalban

It is not easy to keep the flame alive in any relationship. Unfortunately after decades together, we sometimes forget to show our partner they are still appreciated. It’s the small things that keeps a couple together for a long time.

Men are conspicuous in expressing their feelings, especially when it comes to their actions. To know, if after all these years, he is still in love with you, look for these signs.

1.He still holds your hand in public. 

Sex isn’t the only way to be intimate. Holding hands in public not only shows you’re proud to be with your partner, but it also sends a reassuring message to them, proving you really are in everything together. 

2. He always picks up your favorite candy/food from the store. 

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s also the way to a woman’s heart. There’s nothing like knowing that Reese’s Pieces remind your darling of you so much, they just have to pick them up for you. 

3. He knows you hate doing the dishes — so he does them.

After so many years spent together, it is obvious that you know each other’s likes and dislikes. But if you want to see if your partner loves you, just watch him adjusting to your “irritation triggers”. If he knows couple of things that can hurt you or make upset and he knows exactly how to avoid turning them on, you are in safe zone. So for sure instead of fighting whose turn it is to wash the dishes, he quietly loads up the machine. Just don’t forget to return the favor.

4. He always says “whatever you want” for date night.

Many women misunderstand this sentence and take it as ignorance. But according to the psychologist Paul Coleman, when men are in love they appear to have less serotonin level, which makes them less enthusiastic than women. “The amount of serotonin you have in your body as a woman makes you act happy and show it more,” says Coleman. “But because men’s levels aren’t as high, they don’t feel the need to do that — they’re happy showing you love by agreeing to do whatever it is you want to do, even if it’s just sitting next to you and watching TV.”

5. He says your first name during sex

In daily life we are used to call each other by sweet names, like “baby”, “honey”, but if during sex he says your first name it is a sign that he is totally present in the moment and wants to be intimate only with you.

6. He’ll go to that theme-party without whining

It happens once in a lifetime when you get to be alone, without kids and spend the night out by hitting the theme party. You know exactly how much he hates such events and you will spend for sure an hour convincing him to join you. Or maybe he will agree, without whining and crying. . If he doesn’t give you grief (okay, he can once or twice — guys think these things are over-the-top), then he’s showing you love.

7. He’s quick to end an argument

How many times you have been wrong in the conflict but still tried to look for the way to turn things around? Your husband shows true love if he lets you win. He knows exactly that keeping this argument on will not do anything good but make you upset. And this is the last thing he wants.

8. He puts the electronics away

We are all guilty when it comes to the phones. Checking the news, snapchatting or instagramming – it is all the part of our daily life. But if your husband puts his phone away in order to spend some quality time with you, it is the best sign showing that he wants to be connected. But with you not a phone.

9. He never says the ‘D’ word

Once in a lifetime all couples have those really tough fights where everything get spilled but never the D word. The happy husband will never threaten his wife with Divorce even in the darkest times of their life. Instead of empty threats he knows how to walk away from the conflict, cool the steam down and come back when the fire is over.

10. He still makes an effort to surprise you

The period of romance and chocolates may be already long time in the past, but if your husband makes small surprises with things that will definitely bright up your day, he is still deeply in love with you. And it is not about expensive and big presents, it is about his wish to keep your relationship fresh and engaged.

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