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Unsolved Mystery Of Escaping From Alcatraz

Unsolved Mystery Of Escaping From Alcatraz

“Prison is like high school with knives.”  

Raegan Butcher 

Ever since 1960, the convicts tried to rescue themselves from the prisons, which were believed to give unsuccessful attempts. Though the prisons were safeguarded very strictly, the convicts are still believed to have escaped in a way; the investigation is still going on. Look at the top prison break which left everyone baffled:

The Rock

Unsolved Mystery Of Escaping From AlcatrazAlcatraz, San Francisco Bay

Built in 1960, this prison is covered by ice-chilled water on all the sides. The builders of this were quite more than confident that none can escape through this.


Unsolved Mystery Of Escaping From AlcatrazInescapable Cells of Alcatraz Prison Judy

There was a strong belief of the unsuccessful run away from this prison. Everyone that tried to escape, were caught or also killed in this act. Despite this, 3 convicts manage to mysteriously escape from this prison in 1962.

Frank Morris

Frank MorrisFrank Morris

Frank Morris, who was brought up in an orphanage, started his crimes at the age of 13, ranging from possessions to armed robbery. However, he was caught and sent to inescapable in 1960.

The Anglin Brothers

In 2012, the US Department of Justice released images of what the prisoners might look after aging, alongside their Alcatraz mug shots. Above is Clarence Anglin.Reuters

The Anglin Brothers were Morris’ cellmates. They used to rob and be involved in attempts that did not hurt anyone. They were also finally transferred to inescapable in 1960, after many of their failed attempts to escape.

johnJohn Anglin. Reuters

Allen West

05-alcatraz-escape-storyAllen West

Allen West was the fourth convict, who was imprisoned for murders and robberies. However, he could run away in the attempt of escape because he failed to finish, removing the ventilator from his cell.

The plan

1280px-alcatraz_island_01Alcatraz Island Prison

Morris initiated the plan, and the four kept on thinking the way to escape. One fine day, they reached a decision to escape through the bay and sail away.

Dummy decoys

1962_actual_dummy_head1Frank Morris ‘Dummy Head’

Morris made dummy heads with the mixture of soap and toilet paper and hid them under the blanket of their cells. This would make the guards believe on duty, that they haven’t escaped.



During the evening, the convicts could sing and play instruments. All of the four made use of this time to gather even the vacuum cleaner, cardboard and others to make their escape.

Left behind

alcatraz3Alcatraz Cell

Allen West could make his escape through the dig of his cell, while the others did not wait for him. He, therefore, accepted his involvement to the authorities but never disclosed the entire plan.

The Climb

img_3330Utility Corridor of Alcatraz Prison

The dig opened behind the cell tier in the corridor. As they climbed up, there was a huge noise in the prison. Since nothing else was heard, the guards decided not to investigate on this.

The Raft

11-alcatraz-escape-storyIn prison, more than 50 raincoats turned into makeshift life preservers and a 6-by-14 foot rubber raft.

When the escape was finally known the next morning, this biggest manhunt search began. But the three convicts successfully escaped since then.

Searching the Bay


An extensive search was gone through when they finally discovered the prison escape. However, the prisoners were indeed able to escape the jail.

No bodies found

13-alcatraz-escape-storyPolice are in search for missing criminals of Alcatraz escape.

Even after 24 hours of research, there was no trace. No bodies were found and no equipment.

Massive manhunt

14-alcatraz-escape-storyMassive manhunt is going over sea.

The search was not about to stop. After 4 days, the guards found a wallet in plastic with the photo, address and some general information.

On October 12, 2015, interest in the case was renewed when History Channel premiered a documentary about the 1962 escape, focusing on John and Clarence Anglin and the possibility that their escape was successful. Evidence produced by relatives including photos and Christmas cards seem to suggest the Anglins might have escaped to Brazil. No evidence has been produced to disclose the whereabouts of Frank Morris.

Despite public belief that Morris and the Anglins drowned in San Francisco bay, all three men still have open arrest warrants on them. The U.S. Marshals Office has continued the search going for each man individually until the date of each man’s 100th birthday.

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