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Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa Treatments

“Relax as a child, Collect your stress and hide
Relax that you can listen, the song which is hidden
Relax for a minute, hear the heart rhythm
Relax and find your soul to be part of divine”
― Swati Tyagi

Rejuvenate and relax with a steamy spa massage that helps people to gain a great change in the mood. Not all massages or the spa treatments mentioned below are delicate, but a few are completely unique and much creepy.

1 – Cactus massage

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa Treatments© Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita (Image Source)

Sounds much unique, but the cactus massage is popular in removing the toxins and hydrating the skin offering a complete relaxation.The brilliant way of placing the cactus is a part of the massage and the needles of cactus are removed in a much skillful manner. One can easily gain betterment and there are several varieties in this specific massage.

2 – Beer Soaking Massage

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa Treatments Bahenec Beer Bath (Image Source)

Bathing in milk with saffron strands and in various ways is seen since historic age, but people can easily gain relaxation by bathing in beer. Just stay in the tub of beer for 20 minutes as this arouse the whole body along with the internal organs.The unique spa treatment is carried with separate brewed beer and one can soak their body as a part of the therapy and gain complete relaxation.

3 – Snail Slime Moisturiser

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa TreatmentsSnail slime moustiere (Image Source)

In a few situations, the unpleasant things offer the best results and snail slime moisturizer is one such ingredient. People follow and do a lot to gain smoothness in the skin and the snails leave the flavorless secretion that is perfect to earn a healthy skin. The flawlessly cultivated snail slime is perfect to be a moisturizer and the natural methods offer a pure excretion.

4 – Leech suck therapy

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa TreatmentsLeech suck therapy (Image Source)

Ancient history proves that there are several unpredictable ways that restore health and charm. The leech suck therapy is one such method where a parasite that sucks blood is used to remove toxins. This is one of the beauty treatment methods which was followed and one can experience the magical improvement after undergoing the treatment.

5 – Thai Face Slapping

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa TreatmentsThai Face Slapping (Image Source)

Sounds completely astonishing, this slapping treatment is offered in few parts of San Francisco which involves slapping and pinching. The treatment ensures a thorough relaxation and people even believe in maintaining juvenility and the tenderness of the skin.

6 – Fish Nibble Pedicure

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa TreatmentsFish nibble pedicure (Image Source)

This is one popular method of pedicure where the fish smoothly removes the dead skin. A specific kind of fishes are used in the relaxing spa treatment and one can feel the calmness and gain atranquilizing mood. This treatment creates some tickling sensation and people can enjoy seeing the colorful fish removing the skin softly.

7 – Placenta Facial

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa TreatmentsPlacenta facial (Image Source)

A few supplies ensure soothing change and there are several methods of facial that enhances the glow of the skin. The human placenta, though sounds unique is one better ingredient to be part of your facial. This special facial cleans the skin and gain a lasting glow with the mask.

8 – Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa TreatmentsBull semen hair treatment (Image Source)

Earn soft and smooth hair by following the bull semen hair treatment. Though it sounds unique this is one effective way to gain amazing hair growth. The red bull serum is used as a hair mask and promises wonderful growth of the hair.

9 – Bird Droppings Facial

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa TreatmentsBird poop facial (Image Source)

You heard it right; bird poop is loaded with amazing uses. This smoothen the skin and even removes the toxins, offering a great glow. The unique qualities remove the dead skin and offer a complete brilliance to the skin.

10 – Urine Therapy

Top 10 Most Bizarre Spa TreatmentsUrine therapy (Image Source)

Sounds like the killer one and it is true that the urine is used as a part of therapy in several places. This is because of the warm properties which helps in cleaning up the skin. Gaining a clear skin is easy and the strange treatment never fails in offering a unique result as it is one powerful method.


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