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These 10 Disgusting Habits Belong To The European Royals

Yeah! You read that right! Here are 10 habits of the royals, which will make you go Eeeewww!

Well, definitely it is not that you start seeing all the blue blooded with the same spectacles, it’s only a revelation that ‘All that glitters, is not Gold’.


Louis XIV (French King) – the smelliest


– he would use his throne as a toilet seat, even during the court session. If you thought this is too much, you need to know that in his entire life he bathed only 3 times.

Charles VI


– King Charles VI of France was mentally ill. He experienced fits, during which he became convinced that he was made of glass. So, there was this period of 5 months, where he did not bathe or even change his clothes.

King James I (King of Scotland) – the unhygienic


– In accordance with Sir Anthony Weldon, King James I never had a bath. In fact, the latter never even washed his hands. Whenever he needed to clean them, he rubbed his fingertips with a wet end of a napkin.

King Adolf Frederick (King of Sweden) – ate himself to death


-This is the only story in this list, which is not that disgusting. However, since the habit was not worth the life, it has been included here. The king loved eating a dessert known as Semla. In the year 1771, he ate too many semla post dinner and this is what led to his sudden and tragic death.

King Farouk (King of Egypt) – porn collector


-This is one monarch whose memorabilia inculcates a collection of porn. His warehouse had the storage of compartments filled up to the brim with such collection, be it in Rome, Monaco or Cairo.

Queen Maria Eleonora  (German princess and queen consort of Sweden)

queen-maria-eleonora-1Queen Maria Eleonora and her husband King Gustavus Adolphus

-This queen was head over heels for her husband, for his loving heart. Hence, when he died, she had his heart ripped out of his body, kept it in a golden box and slept with it. There were days when she made her daughter climb into bed, so that she could be in close vicinity of her father’s heart. For her daughter it was a traumatizing experience.

King Charles II (King of England)


-every time King Charles II slept with women, he plucked a few hairs from her private part. The he stitched them together. He continued this until it made a big wig. This is he donated to a Dining club.

Joanna of Castile (Queen of Castile)

joanna-of-castile Joanna of Castile and her husband Philip the Handsome

-even when her husband died, she kept his dead body in her room. It decayed and smelled badly. But, she insisted that he was sleeping and would wake up soon.

Christian VII (King of Denmark)


-he was afflicted with porphyria. And in accordance with the doctors, this could be the reason for the chronic masturbation problem. In fact, there was the time when the chief physician Johann Friedrich Struensee had to take most of the decisions for the king, so that he could do what he liked most with his hands.

Henry VIII (King of England)


– he put up an important job called groom of the stool. It was a task assigned to a boy who was the son of the most trusted nobles. He had to undress the king and clean up his mess, after he was done.

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