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The Most Dangerous Roads To School

Let’s go back to childhood for a moment and remember how painful it was to wake up early every single morning, get ready, sit in the car or take a bus and head to school. Terrible timing! We often forget how lucky we are comparing to those kids who live in developing countries. Every day their trip to school is the question of life and death, literally. If your trip to school included crossing the broken bridge and hundreds of meters emptiness under your feet…would you go ? They do..This is what these kids are ready to pay for their education. Impressive!
Kids are walking through the Himalayas, Zanskae, India to get to school lessons.

Here children have to cross the damaged bridge in Lebak, Indonesia. Lucky the Indonesia’s largest steel producer saw these pictures and built a new bridge for kids.

How would you like to walk for 5 hours on the 11ft wide path in Gulu, China – it is probably the most dangerous road of all in the world.

Or climbing up the unsecured wooden ladders in Zhang Jiawan Village, China?

For the zip line lover it might seem fun, but not the kids who have to fly 800 meters on a steel cable 400m above the Rio Negro River in Colombia.

Taking canoe ride to school in Riau Indonesia.

Travel across the forest across a Tree Root Bridge in India

Or crossing a totally broken bridge in China in snowy winter in order to get to school.

If your kids complain about school bus, show them how kids in Delhi, India ride a horse card back from school.

Here students cross the Ciherang River on the makeshift bamboo raft. Indonesia.

In Pili, China, kids have to complete a 125 mile journey to reach a Boarding school through these mountains.

Or walk on a tightrope 30 feet above a river, Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia..and if you fall who knows.

Children are risking their lives in order to get education, and what are you ready to do for it?


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