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The Belmez Faces: Bizarre Paranormal Phenomenon

The Belmez Faces: Bizarre Paranormal Phenomenon


The Belmez Faces, also known as the Faces of Belmez has been the most popular documented paranormal phenomenon in the whole of the 20th century. This story dates back to August 1971, when Belmez resident Maria Gomez Pereira noticed a stain on her kitchen floor.

The stain began to develop over a period of time and moulded into a face without any apparent reason. While the face was forming, the stain moved to a different position. A terrified Pereira tried to remove the stain through vigorous scrubbing but all in vain. She then sought help from her husband Juan and son Miguel. Juan and Miguel tried to end this phenomenon by pick-axing the whole floor and cementing it with a new one. Post this, things seemed to have turned normal for a week and then the face reappeared!

The Belmez Faces: Bizarre Paranormal PhenomenonImages imprinted on the floor (Image Source)

The Pereiras wanted to get rid of these images permanently. The news began to spread and the Pereiras were the talk of the town. The Mayor heard about this incident and decided to take steps to ensure that the image is not destroyed. The Mayor intended to study this case deeply and surveyors were sent to the property.

The surveyors started excavating the kitchen and almost ten feet beneath the kitchen, they found some skeletons without skulls. Before reinterring these skeletons in a Catholic cemetary, these skeletons were tested. The tests revealed that the skeletons were about 700 years old. The hole at Pereira’s house was filled and a new floor was cast in concrete.

After a couple of weeks, a different face appeared on the kitchen floor of the house. This time, instead of a single face, multiple faces started appearing on the floor. While one visage would display, the other will be replaced by another face. The Belmez faces were of women and children. This incidence started going international and it reached the renowned paranormal investigator Dr. Hans Bender in Germany.

The Belmez Faces: Bizarre Paranormal PhenomenonDr. Hans Bender (left) describes this phenomena as the 'Most important paranormal occurrence in the 20th century!'

Dr Bender indicated this as an important case of the century and a full scale investigation was launched. Samples of the concrete were sent to the Instituto de Ceremica y Vidrio (ICV) for study. The ICV could not draw any clue of any dye, pigment or paint which indicated this as a pure paranormal case. The floor was photographed in sections and was covered with a jacket which was sealed at the edges. The doors and windows of the house were sealed with wax to avoid any kind of tamper. The kitchen was left alone for three months.

The Belmez Faces: Bizarre Paranormal PhenomenonSome researchers hypothesized that the images were thoughtographic in nature, meaning that the faces were a psychokinetic phenomenon where a human agent was either consciously, or subconsciously, projecting the images onto the floor. (Image Source)

A German television crew filmed all these actions in the presence of local dignitaries. Post three months, when they unsealed the kitchen, the faces of Belmez had moved and evolved. A group of investigators used some tests to find out about the authenticity of this case. In fact, a process called as Thoughtography which is a psychokinetic ability that lets a person project an image onto a surface deliberately or accidentally was also considered. In this case, Maria Pereira was the prime suspect. Studies indicated that the expressions on the faces were identical to those of Maria when they appeared. And the faces appeared in the presence of Maria while the activity would abate when she was away.

This study was counter argued on the morning of 3 February, 2004. Maria Pereira passed away but still the faces continued to appear on the floor of her kitchen. In fact, this phenomenon continues even today.

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