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Terrified Man Is Convinced He Saw a 7 Ft Tall Alien Wearing A Cowboy Hat

A totally freaked out motorist claims he saw a 7 ft tall silky-haired alien who was wearing a cowboy hat and was spotted waiting for a bus outside the Yeovil College in Somerset. The driver was so terrified that he couldn’t sleep for a while and had to draw even a sketch of an alien to show it to the world. According to the sketch the alien didn’t have any face but had a long thin tube coming from the top of it.

sketch- alien-1
According to the driver who preferred to stay in the shade, the mysterious creature was standing outside the college, just on the bus stop while the driver was passing by.

 He said: ‘I was driving up the road as I normally do and I saw this dark looking figure by Yeovil College. It looked quite tall and had this big Stetson hat. I slowed down to have a closer look and thought it’s not a man, it was about 7ft tall. It had this long thin tube coming from the top of it and spikes coming out of the side. The middle bit of it was like moleskin and hairy.

The thing wasn’t moving at all and was in this box that had sparks coming out of it. It was like something out of science fiction.’


The creature was spotted on December 15, and the driver is trying to figure out from the sketch what is it ? The image was made in white and black colors, and the beast was wearing a rather strange coat and had a silky hair. The motorist sent the paper to the local paper confessing that he wished he had never seen this creature in his life.

source: dailymail

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