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Tales Of Fairies: Modern Concept Of Alien Abduction Experience


The topic of alien visitation may sound like a plot from a successful sci-fi movie. In the past, many people have reported of having experienced hair-raising moments while on camping trips or in the comfort of their bedroom. They have claimed to have witnessed a feeling of having lost time or missing out on certain elements of their surroundings while they were awake.

Alien visitation signifies an intentional encounter between an extraterrestrial being to a human. Ancient hieroglyphics and arts of the past strongly suggest we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings in the remote past.  Many alien abduction stories of the past vary today owing to the modern concept of alien visitation. Throughout history, UFOs have been perceived in various forms like human-like beings from heavens or stars, angels, spirits etc. There are several accounts of these “fairies or star people” descending and abducting humans from their location to conduct experiments.

However, such stories, “we believe” can be  found in folklore and anthropology. There have been correlations between the abduction and shamanic experiences which include implantation of bizarre objects in the body or stories of contact with the fairies. All this sparks various theories about ancient aliens, unknown civilizations left their traces on our planet.

The connection between alien visitation and fairy abductions have been seen vividly over the time. However, the idea of fairies or demons, as referred in folklore, is something that is not accepted so readily in today’s age. This is because it requires a huge leap of faith to believe in such stories as there are no documents to testify their authenticity.

The mystery still looms, whether the incidents were indeed alien visitation or were they just another tale in the folklore.

Tales of Fairies: Modern Concept Of Alien Abduction ExperienceFairies are mischievous supernatural beings that come in a variety of forms. (Image Source)

Aliens’ visit, just a myth?

Alien visitation is certainly a fascinating topic. However, from a psychological and anthropological point of view, do they trigger our imagination as easily as they did in the past? Perhaps, alien visitation is a perfect combination of religion and science. We live in an era when atheism is considered primitive and the tales related to religion and folklore too oratorical. Often we regard the extraterrestrial visitation of ancient times as an evidence of certain myths that are associated with it. Myths are symbolic tales that are filled with historical, cultural and religious elements.

Author Dr Gregory L. Little writes, “there is a process that has been ongoing – probably for all of the humanity’s history – that manifests itself through the appearance of archetypal creatures and beings. John Keel was one of the first to recognize this. Others, including Vallee, Clark, and many British ufologists have long pointed out the resemblance between modern UFO reports and the ancient traditions. It doesn’t matter what we call the process underlying UFOs, abductions, and all of the related phenomena, but it is important to see that they all tie together.”

According to a report published by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research called UFOs and Related Subjects: An Annotated Bibliography in the 1960s, revealed that many of the UFO report that are now published in the press regarding the alleged incidents to demonic possession and psychic phenomena which were known to the theologians and parapsychologists.

Tales of Fairies: Modern Concept Of Alien Abduction ExperienceConspiracy theory says, before religious texts like the Bible were written, alien lifeforms visited Earth and were seen as "gods"

Astronomer Carl Sagan has also pointed out that tales of contact with the demons in history share similarities with extraterrestrial abduction experience of the modern times. Sagan writes, “most of the central elements of the alien abduction account are present, including sexually obsessive non-humans who live in the sky, walk through walls, communicate telepathically, and perform breeding experiments on the human species.”

In fact, it was believed in the past that demons could take any physical form to seduce their victims. On the other hand, modern era abduction stories indicate that most victims were taken from their bedrooms unwillingly by the demons at night. Many victims have reported presence of different types of a demon at the time of their abduction, most of them being a mere spectator to the entire episode.

Tales of Fairies: Modern Concept Of Alien Abduction ExperienceIf we look back in history, it is possible to find a possibility in mythology that people and children were taken by fairy and coming back years. (Image Source)

The Devil’s Mark

Some victims have experienced sexual assault by their abductors. They describe the sexual organ of the alien as ice-cold, especially in insect-like creatures. Demons or goblins were often regarded as an incubus (one who seeks sex with women) or succubus (has intercourse with men) in the past. The demons and goblins were not a part of people’s imagination but were accepted as real entities.

Martin Del Rio in his book, “Disqusitionum Magicarum”, (1599) wrote, “to disagree [with their existence] is only obstinacy and foolhardiness; for it is the universal opinion of the fathers, theologians, and writers on philosophy, the truth of which is acknowledged by all ages and peoples.” Similarly, Peter Binsfield wrote ten years earlier in 1589, “[the Incubus] is an indisputable truth which is not only proved sure by experience but also confirmed by history.”

Researchers suggest that the primary purpose behind alien visitation could be cross-breeding and genetic manipulation. According to some ancient texts, the aliens used to collect sperms from abducted males and impregnate the female victims to create a hybrid offspring.

The old reports have referred to some bruising or more commonly called as ‘The Devil’s Mark”. These are the physical marks that are left by the devil on the victims for identification purposes. These permanent scars are believed to have been caused by the demon’s claws scratching the flesh or by the hot kiss of the devil licking the victim. It is believed that the demon leaves the marks on the most secret parts of the body. The marks have been found as cuts or scoops on the back of the arms, legs or neck, purple circular spots around the genitals and the abdomen area.

Modern tales of alien abduction share similarities with ancient stories of ‘fairy abductions’. The Encyclopaedia of Fairies (Briggs, 1976) explains, “those who were taken by the fairies were almost always given a special drink described as a thick liquid previous to any sexual encounter. The victims (most commonly women) were then paralyzed before they were carried (levitated or flown) away into “fairyland” which is always located nearby although it cannot be perceived under ‘normal’ conditions. The paralysis plays a central role in fairy lore as without it the abducted humans cannot enter fairyland. The word “stroke” which we associate with conditions of paralysis originated from the ancient terms “fairy-stroke” and “elf-stroke”.”

Another interesting connection is the tales of will-o-the-wisps, which is called as ‘orbs’ in modern times. According to these tales, it was believed that the fairies travelled in circular globes of light before or after the abductions. Today, when we see such phenomena, we often regard the ball of light as a “UFO”.

What we see as extraterrestrial encounters today, may have been depicted differently throughout ages and based on the cultural understanding. In the modern age, we believe that the concept of fairies and demons are only in the realms of religious superstition, but least do we know that the future humans may look back on our explanation of alien visitors with a similar perception.

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