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Mysterious Waters: From New Bermuda Triangle Off the Coast Of China To Sargasso Sea

Mysterious Waters: From New Bermuda Triangle Off the Coast of China To Sargasso Sea

Most of us  know to avoid the Bermuda Triangle if we are flying or sailing, but what we do not know is that there are many such spots in the seas with similar mysterious reputations. Something unexplainable is going on in such bizarre locations allegedly causing shipwrecks, disappearances or accidents. In case you are searching for a list of them, the government or NASA are not the first places to go.

A German newspaper did some research and  found that the new Bermuda Triangle is off the coast of southern China, primarily in the South China Sea.

Recently, WELT, a German newspaper analyzed some loss documents from the Allianz subsidiary Global Corporate & Specialty, a major German insurance company. The documents showed that 85 large freighters were lost in 2016 and one quarter of them took place in the waters off Southern China, IndoChina, Philippines and Indonesia.

Mysterious Waters: From New Bermuda Triangle Off the Coast of China To Sargasso SeaTS Taipei Breaks in Two (Image Source)

The wreck of ship TS Taipei happened off the coast of Taiwan’s New Taipei City on March 10. The ship lost power and soon broke in half after two weeks, spilling around 70,000 gallons of fuel, oil and wastewater. The crew was rescued, spillage was cleaned and fines were paid.

There are many such stories of missing maritime vessels and unexplained disappearances, crewless ships and spooky magnetic appeal looming around the high sea. Let us read about some fascinating yet mysterious spots of the high seas.

Bermuda Triangle

Imaginary points in Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida form a vast triangular are in the ocean which is called as the Bermuda Triangle. This spot of the ocean has often been associated with paranormal activity and mysterious disappearances. This area of the ocean became famous when a group of military planes with 14 men vanished mysteriously off the coast of southern Florida in December 1945.

Mysterious Waters: From New Bermuda Triangle Off the Coast of China To Sargasso SeaThis graphic shows the vast extent of the triangle (Image Source)

Interest in the region began after a group of military planes carrying 14 men inexplicably vanished somewhere off the coast of southern Florida in December 1945. A flying search squad was dispatched immediately after receiving a message from the military plane, however, the group’s remains were never found.

Post this, many disappearances including a large oil tanker, yacht, a small passenger plane were associated with the area’s paranormal forces.

A series of books like the Devil’s Triangle, Limbo of the Lost, Riddle of Bermuda Triangle, all explaining the supernatural forces, UFOs to wormholes to lost technology in the Bermuda Triangle were written about.

Sargasso Sea

The Sargasso Sea stretches into the Atlantic Ocean from the Bermuda Triangle. The water of this sea is warm and is surrounded by sargassum, a dense seaweed from which it derives its name. This sea has a reputation of robbing the sail boats off their crew and leaving the vessels empty.

Mysterious Waters: From New Bermuda Triangle Off the Coast of China To Sargasso SeaBizarre monsters have been blamed for unexplained maritime disappearances. Artist's impression of Sargasso sea mysteries (Image Source)

This area in the sea is cordoned off from the Atlantic and is surrounded by strong surface water currents. It has an uncharacteristic temperature and tranquility that causes sail boats to come to a standstill. In 1840, a ship named Rosalie sailed through this area. Soon, it was found drifting with her sails set but no crew on board. The monstrous weeds of this sea have been portrayed in many books like those by Jules Verne and in Grisly’s 19th century paintings.

The “Devil’s Sea”

Mysterious Waters: From New Bermuda Triangle Off the Coast of China To Sargasso SeaDevil's Sea in Japan is another bermuda triangle (Image Source)

The “Devil’s Sea,” is also known as the “Dragon’s Triangle.” It is a region located in the Pacific Ocean around the Japanese island of Miyake. Ancient fables indicate that there were dragons living off the coast of Japan and this fetched the region its nickname.

Author Charles Berlitz indicated that Japan lost five military vessels along with 100 scientists who were studying this region between 1952 and 1954. Just like the Bermuda Triangle, this region was also included in an article titled, “The 12 Devil’s Graveyards Around the World”, in 1972 by naturalist and paranormal expert Ivan Sanderson.

Michigan Triangle

Lake Michigan, in the United States, is famous for the sightings of weird objects and phantom planes. has been the site of countless sightings of strange objects and phantom planes. Marine historian Dwight Bower in his book, “Strange Adventures of the Great Lakes” indicates that Michigan Triangle legend started in 1937 when Captain George Donner mysteriously disappeared from his locked cabin during a routine coal delivery.

Lake Michigan Triangle claims many victims

Similarly, thirteen years later, Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 which was carrying 55 passengers and three crew vanished in thin air when it passed over this region. The wreckage could not be traced in spite of the search conducted by the Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates. The investigation still continues to explain the incident.

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