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Monster Strangling You At Night: Have You Experienced it?

monster on your chest

Whether you are a fan of horror movies, love to read those monster books or is scared-like-hell just reading the topic, the fact remains that the fantasy or real worlds of ghosts, monsters, and hag have always invited immense speculation and attraction. You are scared of them. You do not want to read further. You are like right now, experiencing goosebumps. But, you will not cease to read.

So, there has always been the experience or the lore in which individuals told about their encounter with the beasts or monsters. It most of the instances, it involved a ghost or the like strangling them to death sitting right on their chest.

sleep-paralysis-aOil Painting by John Henry Fuseli: The Nightmare 1781

Before, coming to the conclusion of what the scientist says with regards to the chest being the favourite sitting place of the monsters or the strangling as their likeable action, here are the folklores of the various countries:

Mind you! It is not for the faint hearted!


-the monsters are called Pisaderia. It looks like an old hag with long fingers. It jumps from the roof to the chest of their prey.


– the monster again called as Pisaderia is described as an old man, who sits on the belly of little children.

pisaderiaPisadeira is typically described as a very thin, bony woman, with short legs and messy, long hair.


– the residents of Canada believe the monster to be a shapeless demon fabricated by an evil sorcerer.


– the monster in this country is described as scary old women.


– the monster is a male spirit which tries to suffocate the enemies and strangle them.


– the ghost that pushes the people down is called khmaoch sângkât.

Those that have experienced the same at some point of their life have not died. Yeah! That’s a relief. So, what they really found that it was impossible for them to breath, until the monster went away on its own.
Now, was that a task of the beast, the monster or the like to just make the victim feel breathless? Or there is more to it!

A number of stories have been associated with Brazil. Yeah! There might be many of you who are right now making up your mind to not visit Brazil or the opposite! But, don’t be in haste. Simply read on!

So, a team of researcher led by José F. R. de Sá of the Jungian Institute of Bahia wanted to explore the acumen and the story. They pursued a collection of the stories and at the same time conducted some research.

how-to-stop-sleep-paralysisSleep paralysis stories involve visits by a demon, an intruder and even out-of-body experiences.

Their study has been published in the Journal Frontiers in Psychology, in the month of September. So, in accordance with the same, the cause of Pisaderia or the scary companion is – sleep paralysis.

There is definitely a sigh of relief for many readers!

Sleep paralysis is a physical and mental state. It eradicates the ability to move. It causes visual hallucination. It brings chest pressure. There is a delusion of some sort of frightening presence experienced by the same. Needless to say, that with so much going on, and the fact that it is the time of the night or dark, scary and horror stories lit up!

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