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The Lost Civilization of Atlantis Discovered Beneath The Ice Of Antarctica

Many mysteries lay submerged in the surface of the Earth, deep down in the sea and the ice capping mountains. There have been unfolding of many such mysteries. And, then there are those which are still unfurling. In this context lies the mystery of The Lost City of Atlantis.

There has been the mention of the mystical city by the philosopher Plato in 360 BC, in his Greek writings. In accordance with him the inhabitants of the city were- half God and half human. And, they lived almost 9,000 years ago, before his own time.

When, these writings were explored, there were not many who believed it. However, today the latest in evidence indicate to the presence of the same long time ago.

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So, here are some evidences which portray a unique picture:-

  • The icy continent of Antarctica has been thought of being the abode of the Lost City of Atlantis almost 12,000 years ago. It was then that a large part of this continent was ice-free.
  • NASA’s Operation Ice Bridge has earlier this year released images. It is these pictures which indicate of the “lost underground city”.
  • This is not it. The Google Earth images also portray a pyramid poking out of the ice. There are experts who claim that this is evidence of an ancient city.

This is very similar to the time that Professor Hapgood mentioned that the shifts did occur in the crust of the Earth.

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What was the evidence put up by Professor Charles A Hapgood for the same?

A very clear indication of the same has been provided by Professor Charles A Hapgood. A history expert that he was published a paper in the 1950s. The paper said that the movement in the crust of the Earth implied that about 11,600 years ago huge parts of Antarctica were completely ice free. His evidence was the 500 year old Piri Reis map (Piri Reis was the Ottoman admiral who drew it). This map has been examined by the scholars. In accordance with the scholars the map portrays a very clear picture of the west coast of Africa, the East coast of South America and the Northern coast of Antarctica. However, these regions are not covered with a sheet of ice.

Professor A Hapgood received a letter from US Air Force Lt. Colonel Harold Z Ohlmeyer in the year 1960, which mentioned that his theory on the Piri Reis map was absolutely correct.

In his words: “The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949.

“This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap. This part of Antarctica [is] ice free. The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick.”

So, could this all imply that the greatest mystery is soon to be revealed!

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