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Jean Hilliard: Miracle Woman Who Came Back To Life After Being ‘Frozen Stiff’

Have you heard of the miracle stories like those associated with medical field? Have you read those instances in which an individual has been thought of being dead came back to life? You must have definitely heard of and if you haven’t, the story of Jean Hilliard is every bit the same.

The story dates back to the night of December 20, 1980. The temperature that night had declined to -22 degrees. Immensely cold and chilly!

It so happened that Jean Hilliard was driving home to her parents abode, in Lengby, Minnesota. It was then, that she lost the control of her car and went off the road. The engine got suspended. It was not possible to start the car. Hence, Jean decided to take a walk to a neighbor’s abode. The house of that neighbor was just 2 miles away.

Less did she know that this walk would prove utterly unsafe for her life!

Her clothes were not warm enough to take care of the cold, chilly wind and low temperatures outside. And, just when she was 15 feet away from the door, she collapsed. This was late at night.

The neighbor Wally Nelson found her unconscious body at around 7 in the morning. By that time, she was stiff. And, in accordance with her neighbor, he had to load her diagonally into the backseat of his car.

At the hospital

The clinical staff and the doctors were stunned to see her. When they tried to give her an IV feeding, the needle could not penetrate her frozen skin. It was that stiff!


The nurse Dorothy Killian remembers the incidence and says that she was very cold. In fact, her body felt like picking out a frozen stick of wood. She also tells Jean’s face was absolutely white. And, they got just one rhythm up to the monitor. It was just like one beat and then two. They associated it with a death rhythm. Her temperature was also way low to get registered by a medical thermometer.

Dr. Ryan Kelly

In accordance with Dr. Ryan Kelly, she was frostbitten. Her limbs could not move. When a person gets frostbite, crystals formation initiates in the cells. These crystals destroy other cells of the body. At first the hands and feet  start getting affected by the frostbite, followed by the heart, the lungs, the brain and other internal organs of the body. Hence, finally the organs cease to function and finally stop. This in turn ensures the death of the patient.

The doctors wrapped her in an electric blanket. All that could be pursued!


The miracle

At around 11:00 a.m., Jean started moving. She regained consciousness by noon. Her frostbites were disappearing and she was fine. She did spend next 49 days in the hospital, but made a complete recovery. All her limbs were fine.

This was one amazing case which indicates to the fact that miracles do happen. And, till date, nobody knows how she managed to recover from that frozen stiff.

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