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Is It Possible To Live Without Food and Water? True Stories Of These Indian Yogi Might Make You Believe In That

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Is it possible for us to survive with no food and water? Doctors are trying to determine that as they are baffled by an Indian man who claims not to have eaten or drank anything for the last 70 years. What is even more shocking? He is in perfect health.

The story of Prahlad Jani

Doctors get completely puzzled by the survival story of this Indian man, named Prahlad Jani who haven’t eaten or drank for the past 70 years, but his health is perfectly okay. Prahlad belongs to Ahmedabad and he is claiming for living without food or liquid since he was 8 years old. As per his claims, a goddess has blessed him at his age of 8. And this is the magical reason behind his survival without sustenance.

Is It Possible To Live Without Food and Water? True Stories Of These Indian Yogi Might Make You Believe In ThatPrahlad Jani is a local to the Indian city of Ahmedabad and is claiming he has not consumed any food or liquids since he was 8-years old.

Sudhir Shah and a team of 35 researchers, from Indian Defence Institute of Physiology and Allien Sciences and other organisations, observed and tested Prahlad from 22nd April to 6th May 2010 in Sterling Hospital.

Is It Possible To Live Without Food and Water? True Stories Of These Indian Yogi Might Make You Believe In ThatAs early as 2003, Prahlad Jani was hospitalized for ten days. The doctors found that his body did not really absorb the one hundred milliliters of water that they gave him daily. (Photo: picture-alliance / dpa / dpaweb)

Prahlad encountered lots of clinical tests, scans, and blood tests. Even 24 hour CCTV surveillance was utilised for making sure the ultimate observation of his functions during tests. Even he was taken to the sun exposure from the sealed room for examinations and continuously video recording was done to make sure the reliability of results. On day 5, Prahlad first got in contact with water just for an occasional bathing session. And his toilet was also sealed for checking whether he urinated and defecated or not.

After 15 days of deep observation, all medical results came out as normal and doctors described him healthier and better than somebody half his age. Even doctors reported that Prahlad was able to generate urine in his bladder but he didn’t pass any urine. Maybe he was showing a high form of adaptation of water restriction and starvation.

DIPAS is really curious about him and how he maintains his hydration and nourishment status. Well, DIPAS’ director believes that the results of Prahlad’s observations could be highly beneficial for mankind.

The story of Saint Giri Bala

Giri Bala’s story is very simple. Giri since a very young age always had a love for food and had quite an appetite. Giri’s mother always told her that her appetite was not good for her and her future marriage where she ended up marrying at the age of nine. Sadly, Giri recieved the privilage of having her mother-in-law give a bunch of grief on her eating habits. After awhile of being teased by her mother-in-law she decided to stop eating all together. She went to a secluded spot and prayed to God to send her a guru who could teach her to live by God’s light alone and with no physical food. She immediately felt an ecstasy come over her and she set out to travel to the holy river called the Ganges.

giri_balaYogananda and Giri Bala

As she left her riverbank her guru materialized right in front of her. This is what He said, as quoted from Paramahansa Yogananda’s book, “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

“Dear little one, I am the guru sent here by God to fulfill your urgent prayer. He was deeply touched by its very unusual nature. From today you shall live by the astral light. Your bodily atoms shall be recharged by the infinite current.” Giri Bala was initiated into a specific Kriya Yoga technique which frees the physical body from the need for gross physical food. This technique included the use of a mantra and certain breathing exercises. She practiced the technique religiously and has never eaten since. She said she has never been sick in her entire life.

Giri has not eaten from the age of twelve years old to sixty eight years old. Absolutly incredible! Her amazing energy comes from air, sunlight, and cosmic power.

Is It Possible To Live Without Food and Water? True Stories Of These Indian Yogi Might Make You Believe In ThatKriya Yoga of Yogananda

She survived this way for more than 56 years. She also experienced an examination that was performed by the leader of her province. During this investigation, when she was locked in a small cell for 2 months, she had no water or food. Even she also encountered further tests which went on for 20 more days.

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