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Insane Video Footage Shows Ghost In A Mental Asylum

Ghost stories and discussions about the paranormal activities is something that has been taking place since a long time now. People keep discussing about the ghost stories and some even claim to have seen the spirits in real life. How true are the stories, you don’t know. But, if you are provided with a video footage, which captures a ghost, and some paranormal activities, it will sure make you believe that paranormal things do exist.

Same is the case with the video footage that was taken by a young boy, Jacob. Jacob, 18 years old, visited the haunted mental hospital, which is apparently Britain’s one of the most spookiest places.

The Barrow Gurney Hospital In Somerset

Barrow Hospital or the Barrow Gurney Hospital was a psychiatric hospital in Barrow Gurney, Somerset in the United Kingdom. In the mid-1920s, the existing City of Bristol Mental Hospital at Stapleton, was suffering from serious overcrowding plus the buildings were also considered too old fashioned. This led to the new hospital with ‘Villas’ attached to one another. This design favoured the modern day utilities like laundry space, kitchen space, etc. There was enough room for the treatment of the patients as well.

Insane Video Footage Shows Ghost In A Mental Asylum

Insane Video Footage Shows Ghost In A Mental Asylum

The Barrow hospital was only half built when it started receiving patients. The authorities took a decision to keep the building process running as and when they get the funding. But, the civil war happened and halted all the work on this site. During the second world war, this hospital became the Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital, Barrow Gurney. Soon after it was taken by the National Health Services, the hospital’s standards started to decline.

Patients complained of mismanagement, discomfort, lac of care and cleanliness, which finally led to the closure of this mental asylum. This psychiatric hospital, which was officially close in 2004, has always been a favourite spot of the paranormal activity hunters. They claim that to have interacted with the ghosts and sighted some spirits that are apparently of the patients once admitted there.

Jacob Dunlop Captured The Barrow Gurney Hospital In A Video

18 year old, Jacob Dunlop, captured the transformation of Barrow Gurney Hospital from a thriving medical centre to a haunted house. In his eerie video, he captured some of the unknown facts about this place. His video footage shows weird messages such as ‘I lost my mind in this room and died’, scribbled on the walls, as well as Ouija Board.

Jacob said that he did not believe too much in the paranormal stuff, more because he went to the asylum during the day and secondly he also captured scribbling saying ‘cool story bro’, which diminished the scary effect.

However, unlike Jacob, the other paranormal investigators who visited the sight, claimed the they interacted with the spirits of the former patients. They also reported on how they heard a baby crying, voice of the footsteps and whisperings.

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