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‘I Lost My Virginity To Alien Lover’, Claims Artist David Huggins

'I Lost My Virginity To An Alien': An Artist Claims

Aliens are not uncommon to be talked about in this world. Some of us do believe that the aliens exits while some believe the other way round. We have heard stories about alien abductions and alien visitation but here is a weird story where an artist claims about losing his virginity to an alien. He claims that the alien gave birth to an alien human hybrid and that he has fathered the extraterrestrial hybrid.

Who Is The Artist?

'I Lost My Virginity To An Alien': An Artist ClaimsDavid Huggins with his painting (Image Source)

Most of the people in this world remember the day they lost their virginity as the best days of their life, because it introduced them to the joy of sex. But, an artist, David Huggins who is a 72-year-old painter, din’t remember the day until he started recalling his suppressed memories. David, who grew up on a remote Georgia farm, apparently paints to create oil paintings of his many alleged encounters with the extraterrestrials.

He is allegedly consumed by the alien/UFO subject. His living room is apparently filled with books and about 2,000 videos. His obsession is claimed to have sparked by a 1965 Dr Who episode called The Web Planet, which features giant alien ants although, he claims that his first encounter with the alien was when he was seven or eight.

David Huggins’ Alien Encounters

'I Lost My Virginity To An Alien': An Artist ClaimsOne of the paintings of David Huggins (Image Source)

He claims to have lost his virginity to an alien named Crescent, but he says that his first alien encounter was when he was seven or eight, when he saw a short, glowing-eyed, hairy guy, running into the woods. Not long after he was sprayed with a grey sticky liquid by a praying mantis-like humanoid, he claims. According to believers, the Mantis are a race of extraterrestrial visitors.

He also describes how at the age of 17, he lost his virginity to an alien named Crescent, who seduced him after haunting him in his sleep and they soon became an item, and had sex regularly.

'I Lost My Virginity To An Alien': An Artist ClaimsAlien Crescent (Image Source)

As he tells it, he was walking through a forest in Georgia towards a lake. He saw her sitting next to a tree. Crescent had a perfectly normal human appearance except for her head—her pale, pointed face had large black eyes and she was wearing a wig. They both disrobed and he soon lost his virginity.

'I Lost My Virginity To An Alien': An Artist ClaimsAlien Crescent with hybrid baby (Image Source)

David is the subject of an upcoming documentary by Brad Abrahams called Love and Saucers, where he makes exceptionally shocking claims. One of those shocking claims is undoubtedly that he has sired “over fifty hybrid-alien children” and that after moving to New York to study art, he was haunted by Crescent in his sleep after which they had sex regularly.

Is It All True?

'I Lost My Virginity To An Alien': An Artist ClaimsDavid Huggins' Paintings (Image Source)

David claims to have fathered an alien human hybrid but no one knows how it grew up to be like. But, a professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought, Jeffrey Kripal, at Rice University, Texas, believes David is sincere in his claims and is telling the truth. He looks at his encounters similar to blind faith. Also, British UFO researcher Nigel Watson claimed that unlike the other documentaries, Brad Abrahams, just lets David narrate his intimate, fascinating and incredible story.

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