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Home Of The Six-inch Alien Found On Mars


More than a decade ago the mummified remains of six-inch alien was discovered in Atacama Desert, Chile, and now Martian researchers may have spotted this tiny creature’s house on Mars.


After reviewing images taken by Nasa’s Spirit rover, a conspiracy theorist announced the discovery of a ‘six-inch doorway’ that leads to the home of the famous alien or one of the same species.


Luxor2012UFO officially announced what they have found on June 29, 2016, appears to be a ‘structure of a house on Mars’. The researchers try to look closer to the ‘doorway’ that seems to resemble an entrance way or a shadow or a smudge on the picture.


Scott C Waring, creator of UFO Sightings Daily, thinks it is real and freaking history in the making, indeed it is the most mind-blowing discovery within recent weeks.



Waring has used the term ‘perfect’ to describe previous sightings, usually when referring to something that could only be created by alien life. Another Youtube and fellow alien hunter had discovered underwater pyramid which was showcased by Scott C Waring and heed deemed ‘a perfect pyramid’.

source: dailymail


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