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Flaming UFO Seen Flying Through The Sky Over Devon For Three Hours

At least this is what Mark Emmins, a musician claims he saw – a flaming UFO soaring above Exmouth in Devon. Mr Emmins said he first noticed the oval-shaped luminous craft at around 1pm on Wednesday – but it was still floating above around three hours later. His quick-thinking friend Tyron Osborne, grabbed his camera and snapped the bizarre sight as the pair stared open-mouthed at what they believe was an alien spaceship.

devon- UFO Tyron Osborne/Facebook

Posting pictures online, Mark wrote: ‘Today for the second time in my life I can honestly say that myself and my neighbour watched a UFOIt was stood still in the sky for some hours and then decided to move and then vanish. We got photos too.’

Mr Emmins however first thought it was a so called “bent cloud”, but then he realized the skies were too clear, while Mr Osborne first believed it was a star, but very soon he saw the unusual shape which he has never seen in his life before.

The object traveled eastward from Dawlish, leaving Mr Osborne to speculate it may have crossed the Atlantic from the U.S.A.

UFO-lights Tyron Osborne/Facebook

Photos of the alleged UFO sighting have caused mass debate on Mr Emmins’ Facebook page, with some suggesting that the incident could have been caused by a launch from Her Majesty’s Naval Base Devonport, in Plymouth.
Wendy Seaman wrote:  ‘Looks like the Enterprise. Are you sure it wasn’t a satellite, one goes over about 4ish daily. When its a clear day you can see it clearly.’

Paul Oxenham said: ‘It could have been someone’s drone.’

But Steph Pommier wasn’t going to put it off that easily, writing: ‘UFOs have been spotted since the beginning of Man. Just accept it. We cannot know nor control everything.’

source: metro

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