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Chinese Drivers Are Using Terrifying Reflective Decals On Rear Windows To Fight Against High-Beam Users

Some drivers in China are so fed up with tailgating high-beam users so they decided to declare war. The innovative weapons in this road conflict are freakishly scary reflective decals, that are only visible when the driver behind activates his blinding headlamps. The ghoulish decals feature images of ghosts, spirits and monsters from Eastern and Hollywood films.

These terrifying prints went viral and can be purchased for relatively modest prices ($3 -$18). Also these popular decals got noticed by authorities.  In Beijing, police officials say that it’s not illegal to have decals on rear windows, but such driver is likely to bear responsibility of accidents that result from scaring other drivers. However, Shandong police has a different opinion and is ready to fine these radical drivers for about 100 Chinese Yuan ($15).






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