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Aliens Might Have Gone Into Self-Imposed ‘Hibernation’, Claims New Theory

Aliens Have Gone Into Self-Imposed 'Hibernation' - Claims Researchers

There are at least as many galaxies in our observable universe as there are stars in our galaxy.

Martin Rees

Our galaxy should be teeming with civilizations, but where are they?

Is there obvious proof that we could be alone in the Galaxy? Famous physicist Enrico Fermi thought so – and he was a very smart man. Might he have been right?

According to the Fermi paradox – the Universe is a vast, unknowable space, filled with trillions upon trillions of potentially habitable planets. But one question that always remains is where are the aliens and why can’t we see or find any of them.

Why Can’t We Find Aliens?

Aliens Have Gone Into Self-Imposed 'Hibernation' - Claims ResearchersThe universe could belong to just us

This is a big question, and in order to come to some conclusion, a trio of researchers (Anders Sandberg, Stuart Armstrong, and Milan Ćirković) suggested that may be the aliens have hibernated to wait for a more favourable time in the universe. It is the time of the universe, when apparently due to the cosmic rays, the heat is extreme. In the colder temperatures, their processing power will increase to an extent that we could only think of.

Some of the researchers also suggested that the alien species might have explored a big chunk of the universe already as they are more advanced than us mentally and technically. They suggested that these extra terrestrial species are just waiting for the right time in the universe to be alive. These all are obviously only speculations as no one can prove any of this, but some scientists also suggest that we are not able to find them also because probably they don’t exist or are too far away. But unless there is an hypothesis, nothing is proved.

The Aestivation Hypothesis

Aliens could be in hibernation

Aestivation apparently means prolonged hibernation. The premise of this hypothesis is based on the assumptions that more advanced a society becomes, more technologically sound the people are. If we have moved today to bionic organs, imagine how far the advanced alien civilizations would have gone by now. Apparently, a NASA scientist suggested that the research should not be restricted to the biological life forms, because the extra terrestrial might have been using artificial intelligence too.

Aliens Have Gone Into Self-Imposed 'Hibernation' - Claims ResearchersArtificial Intelligence

The idea behind Sandberg and co’s paper is that the alien civilisations more advanced than us would have figured out how to ditch their inefficient and death-prone biological bodies by uploading their minds to a machine. This would make the processing most important part. Sandberg and Ćirković explain in their blog that processing is temperature dependent. In colder temperatures the processing power of a computer is 10 times more.

So knowing how universe is expanding and will be cooler in future, the aliens might have put themselves on sleep mode to maximise their information processing. Sandberg suggests that if someone has limited money and want to buy cakes, then if he waits for the prices to be minimum, he will be able to buy more in the same amount of money, similar is the case with the advanced alien civilizations, who are saving energy to process information more powerfully. Apparently this paper has been accepted for publication in an upcoming edition of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.


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