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A Tiny Brain, Skull And Hair Found In Teen’s Ovary Baffled The Surgeons

A Tiny Brain, Skull And Hair Found In Teen's Ovary Baffled The Surgeons

Medical biology has always had something new to look forward to. New discoveries continue to make its mark in the field. References and reports have always been there, when a patient was diagnosed for some disease or disorder during a sugary, diagnosis or the like. But, a human brain in the ovary! This is not what the Doctors or the Japanese teenager expected when she was admitted for a normal appendectomy.

The doctors during the procedure of appendectomy discovered that she has some sort of tumor growing in her ovary. And, undoubtedly they were set to remove it, just to be surprised more.

  1. After removing it from the ovary, they discovered that it contained a “tiny brain”.
  2. The brain was a mass of brain cells and the skull which was partially formed.
  3. The brain tissue inculcated well organized neural tissue.
  4. Technically, the term coined for ovarian tumors, which have “out of place” body tissues is teratoma. These basically can have any sort of tissue, hair, bone, teeth or even muscle.
  5. Even, when in the past, there had been reports of brain tissue found in ovary; this case of a tiny brain is way different from others.
  6. Yet again, the teen was not prior to the operation diagnosed with any sort of ill effect from the tiny brain.

However, a tiny brain growing inside the ovary does ensures immense research and analysis. Even, when this is not the first time something of the sort has been discovered. The fact remains that a little brain growing inside the ovary is a very rare condition.

A Tiny Brain, Skull And Hair Found In Teen's Ovary Baffled The SurgeonsMasayuki Shintaku et. al., 2017

The features of the brain found in the ovary

  • It was almost 10 cm.
  • Seemingly it was in continued developing stage.
  • 3 layers of cerebella cortex were contained in the brain.
  • A rudimentary spinal cord was also evident.
  • In fact, the cerebella tissue was also developing dendrites that connect neurons.
  • The nerve fibers were also evolving.
  • They were also developing a substance called myelin. It is the myelin necessary for electrical impulses which transmit throughout the functioning brain. The presence of myelin is indicative of “advanced maturation of the neural tissue” in accordance with the researchers.
  • A little brainstem was also discovered in close proximity to the ovarian brain. This brainstem was basically a collection of CNS tissues. The brainstem was club shaped.
  • The skull found near the tiny brain is very small.
  • There were not found any spinal cord tissue.

Well, definitely this discovery is of immense significance. The acumen being it is the first ever discovery of such a well formed brain found in the ovarian teratoma. It will be interesting for the readers to know that biological structures which look like miniature versions of the body parts are being given the name of homunculi.

So, indeed immense goes into further analysis of the same. However, as of present this is definitely a very imperative find.

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