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6 Most Haunted Places in America to Send Chills Down the Spine!

Haunting is a phenomenon that is often associated with paranormal activities. Ghosts or negative energies exist or not, but the humans have the ability to sense anything that is not normal. Some people have the capacity to sense paranormal things strongly, while some are not that sensitive. Regardless of you being sensitive or not, these 6 haunted places in America, mentioned below, are sure going to give you nightmares.

1 . The Ohio State Reformatory – Mansfield, Ohio

Built with a noble goal of Juvenile reformation, this castle like structure soon became a warehouse of pain, despair and death. The federation closed its doors in 1990, as it was afflicted by inhuman conditions like overcrowding, decay, and explosive violence. They say the tormented spirits never leave the place. Even when the doors of the Ohio State Reformatory were closed, the troubled spirits still lingered along the huge stone walls.

Apparently the spirits of angry men assault the visitors and staff, cause eerie echoing whispers, and call names.

2 . Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky

6 Most Haunted Places in America to Send Chills Down the Spine

Before the era of antibiotics, the only treatment for Tuberculosis were fresh air and nutrients. Waverly Hills Sanatorium was once the only hope of such Tuberculosis patients. Despite of the best efforts of the doctors, many patients suffered from a slow agonising death. This gave room to the negative energies and incidents such as creeping and crawling of the ghosts on the ceilings to take place.

3 . The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – Weston, West Virginia

6 Most Haunted Places in America to Send Chills Down the Spine

In the early 19th century, mental asylums were nothing more than a dumping ground for the socially unwanted people. This place of empathy and treatment soon took a dark turn towards being a house of horrors. The tormented spirits apparently scream for justice and a lingering spirit of a lonely child, Lily, patiently sits in her bright room.

4 . The Red Onion Saloon – Skagway, Alaska

6 Most Haunted Places in America to Send Chills Down the Spine

The Red Onion Saloon in Skagway, is a famous brother museum. Apparently, the spirit of Diamond Lil, the former madam, still haunts this place and caresses the  male visitors with her ghostly hands. Additionally, a spirit of a woman, clad in white long dress, keeps gliding up and down the stairs. These spirits are absolutely unintimidated by the frequenting visitors. They keep haunting the place as they always did.

5 .The Lake County History Center – Painesville, Ohio

Museums are often the underrated destinations of paranormal activity. The Lake County History Center in Painesville, is one such place. It was once the only resort for the abandoned and poor people. It also housed the criminals and mentally ill people. Now, it is a museum with victorian era antiques and paranormal voices echoing through the walls. Large shadows pan the hallways, while a black pulsating mass roams around the basement.

6 . Mission San Miguel – San Luis Obispo, California

6 Most Haunted Places in America to Send Chills Down the Spine

Mission San Miguel is a beautiful church still standing today. A Franciscan priest established it in 1797 and soon a civilian named Reed became its proprietor. Rumours spread that Reed had a plethora of gold all the time in his hands. He converted this place into a much needed hotel and fell prey to a robbery and murder. People claim that the spirits of him and his family still linger around the church walls and ask for justice.

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