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25 Most Insane Rulers Of All Time

25 Most Insane Rulers Of All Time

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

History knows lots of examples of how the remarkable or terrible leadership skills change the human lives. If you think about holding a position of power, being insane is almost a job requirement. Few of us would thrive under such circumstances, and most would be incompetent at best. But as history tells us, incompetence is not actually the worst character trait one can have:

25. Emperor Justin II


The ruler started to lose his mind in the end of his reign. He was using the wheelchair to walk around the palace snapping the attendants and even ate few of them.

24. Ibrahim of the Ottoman Empire


The ruler was known for his obsession with fat overweight women and his servants were tracking the fattest ones. However when he found out that his concubines slept with somebody else besides him he drowned them in the ocean.

23. King Charles VI of France


Before going crazy he used to be known as Charles the Well Loved, and only after he lost his mind, his nickname changed into Charles the Mad. He continously killed his knights, refused to take bath and believed he was made of glass.

22. Anna of Russia


She wasn’t the best of the rulers and also loved rather cruel jokes, especially making them on the nobles who put her on the throne.

21. Erik XIV of Sweden


The ruler was totally paranoid and executed people just for laughing in his presence. He even thought he was his own brother…

20. Princess Alexandra Amalie of Bavaria


Somehow she tended to believe that when she was a kid she swallowed a glass piano. Add here obsession with cleanliness and wearing only white outfits.

19. Ferdinand I of Austria


He used to be epileptic and didn’t talk that much. Some reports say his only words were : “I am the Emperor, and I want dumplings”.

18. The Zhengde Emperor of China


This royal from 16th century made everybody around him play his own game – believing in the royal gardens.

17. Farouk of Egypt


He was the last king of Egypt and had a nickname “stomach with a head”, cause he managed to gain 300 pounds. Moreover he used to have kleptomania and once stole a watch from Winston Churchill.

16. Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia


The ruler was obsessed with military and therefore was trying to create the biggest fighting unit ever. However by biggest he was meaning the tallest, so no wonder he made tall women and men have kids together.

15. Qin Shi Huang of China


Known for being terrified of being assassinated he never slept in the same place twice. It wasn’t just humans he was wary of though. Apparently he feared a giant sea monsters as well.

14. Juana I of Spain


The queen was so scared that her husband was cheating on her that even after his death not even one woman was allowed to approach the corpse.

13. Ludwig II of Bavaria


He used to be known for being extremely shy. He didn’t rule that much while being on the throne, as most of his time he spent building fairy tale castles.

12. Ivan IV


Or better to say Ivan the Terrible. Due to the loss of parents and abuse of the current government he seized the control of Russia in the age of 14 and fed the government to the pack of dogs.

11. Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg


She really wanted to have a son and went totally nuts when she had a girl. Even though the king was happy to have a daughter, the mother made few attempts to kill her.

10. Fyodor I of Russia


After his daughter’s death at the age of 2, he took a trip around Russia and was ringing every church bell he encountered.

9. Queen Maria I of Portugal


She got totally lost after her husband, son and daughter died. She was screaming during the night and was wearing the kid’s clothes.

8. Otto of Bavaria


He used to destroy things everywhere he walked in. Such insane behavior is explained by the wish to make them easy to overthrow.

7. Christian VII of Denmark


Even though officially he was a king, it were the advisers who run the country in the end of the day. The king himself was sick and paranoid.

6. Carlos II of Spain


Due to the severe inbreeding, he was so deformed that could even close his mouth to chew. He was the one who was supposed to rule, but his mother took over.

5. Afonso VI of Portugal


Due to the desease he suffered in childhood he stayed paralyzed on this left side and when he grew up he got a nickname of a crazy “glutton ” king of Portugal.

4. Charles IX of France


Due to a disfiguration he was dubbed the Snotty King and was given to fits of rage and sadism even though he was a mama’s boy.

3. Henry VI of England


His wife had to take over as the king went too way biopolar. He had such big mental problems that was not aware of what is going on around him.

2. King George III of England


He became one of the crazy rulers in the history mostly due to the movies that have been made up about him. He also finished his life behind bars, but besides just being mad the only thing he made is lost the American Colonies.

1. Emperor Caligula


This ruler occupies the first place as it is believed he executed every single member of his family. He started with parents and finished with the whole line of kids until he reached the girl of 12 years old. She was crying so much that the crowd begged for mercy as she was a virgin. Instead of letting her go, he made the executioner first rape and then kill her.

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