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20 Strange ‘Symptoms’ People Are Experiencing Worldwide

20 Strange ‘Symptoms’ People Are Experiencing Worldwide

“Always remember the primary purpose of your life is living in tune with your energy pattern, find the true expression for the energy and go with the flow!” 
― Ramana Pemmaraju

Many people have been experiencing on and off so very called bizarre “symptoms” which difficult to find scientific explanation. These things are often linked to magnetic field of Earth activity, Solar eclipse or New Moon etc. Some researchers do believe that cosmic events can trigger strange reactions in people sensitive to energy.

Here are most common “symptoms” a lot of people are experiencing globally:


1. Sugar appetite

This weird symptom is all about an excessive desire for sweets and chocolates which came suddenly and went in waves as well.

2. Strange eating patterns

People often become incapable of figuring out what they want to eat due to loss of appetite and sudden cravings. Non-vegetarians suddenly get cravings for vegetables and fruits, and the opposite thing for the vegetarians.

3. Strange sleep patterns

This weird symptom is all about needing extra-long sleep hours, passing out and waking up at strange hours, and requirement of naps.

4. Pressure pain, drilling and swirling sensations around the head and solar plexus area

Particularly on top of the brain underneath the skull and around the third eye, as if something is just working straight on the brain, and all of these are resulting in severe headaches.

5. Headaches

This symptom occurs after the swirling and drilling sensations.

6. Hearing weird sounds

People often hear some types of buzzing metallic or somehow really pleasing and heavenly sounds.

20 Strange ‘Symptoms’ People Are Experiencing Worldwide

7. Heightened feeling and awareness of all around

This symptom is found in the movie named ‘Lucy’.

8. Heightened senses, particularly sense of smell

Some people’s sense of smell often becomes really strong at the night, and they start smelling everything around them with their closed eyes.

9. Technology defects when you come close to it

These are all about internet going out, lights flickering, mobile phone turning off, calls dropping, PC crashing etc.

10. Awareness of the waves that is produced by technology

People often get interfered by the thoughts of forgetting to switch off their mobile at night, which consciously annoy them during their meditation process in the morning.

11. Being out of focus, particularly during motion

This is basically the feeling like you’re inside a movie and watching the road and all around you onscreen while driving or walking.

12. Losing body balance and coordination

Feeling like losing balance or your body is out of coordination also belongs to these weird symptoms.

13. Passing continuous waves of deep conflicting and overlapping feelings quickly

Sometimes people feel all the emotions simultaneously, whether it is laughing, crying, jumping with joy, or being upset all day long.

14. Boosted ADD-like symptoms

This symptom translates into the inability to focus on a single subject, a flood of different thoughts on mind simultaneously, pulling attention in various directions everything at once.

15. Interference of the flow

This symptom is all about the inability to decide or focus on what a person wants to do. The person gets confused in this case.

16. Weird and strange feelings in the body

In this case, the body becomes aware of something strange.

17. Extra-quick healing of the body

In this case, cuts, allergies, bruises, and hives – all of these disappear at a high speed, although these all take almost a week to heal.

18. The instant revealing of thoughts into reality

In this case, universe listens to all words we say, all emotions we experience and turns all of these into a near-instant symptom.

20. Other symptoms:

  • Enhanced visuals in meditations
  • Sudden goose-bumps, waves of chills
  • Intensified synchronicities
  • Re-evaluation of your individual truth
  • Loss of sense of time
  • Certain awareness and symptoms of moving timelines

Life & Happiness Coach Isabella Green suggests that powerful energetic adjustments we are going through collectively as a species are triggering “strange” symptoms: your physical form, your every cell doing its best to cope with and to receive the upgrades. “Stay calm and curious, remain positive and also excited! Meditate to embrace the new energy and in your everyday life look for “proof” of your new “paranormal” abilities. Drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, eat light high-vibrational foods, do not overeat, ground, exercise, do yoga, swim, sit with the fire, sunbathe and sungaze, rest and be kind to yourself”, she said.


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