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11 Crazy Vintage Diet That Used To Be All The Rage

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”

Mark Twain

The issue of extra weight has been on the stage for few decades already. Some of us try to eat less and exercise more and some people jump on the bandwagon of any fad diets, always hoping to find a miracle that leads to quick weight loss with little effort. As a result, there’s been quite a few crazy diet ideas in the last few centuries. On seeing them you will be very happy they’ve existed in past, as even in that time people were ready for crazy things for the sake of the beauty.

These 11 fads from previous decades will make you happy that they’re in the past:

1. Smoke more

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Cigarette companies used all the possible tricks to attract the customers, among which taking a cigarette instead of the snack was quite popular. Who cares, that smoking leads to far more worst results than extra weight.

2. Eat meat nonstop

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If you ate meat for every single meal of your day, you were promised to get a slimmer figure.

3. Eat only beans

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The company titled Bile Beans claimed that their product can make you skinner.

4. Load up on ice cream

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If you lived in the middle of 40-s, your diet would definitely include two ice creams per day. What a life!

5. Binge on sugar

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In spite of the fact that sugar has been proven to be one of the key elements in weight gain, sugar company from 1955 was quite opposite in their mind, claiming that sugar will give you an energy boost and will help you lose weight as well.

6. Ingest a tapeworm

maria_callas_la_traviata_2-850x1138image source (Image Source)

One of the dangerous diets existing in 50s, which is illegal in the states now, offered women to eat pills full of tapeworms who would eat their food for them. Famous opera singer Maria Callas lost 65 pounds this way.

7. Eat only pineapples

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Back in 1976, the diet consisting of only pineapples was rather popular. It could really make you slimmer, but would deprive your body of proteins and fats.

8. Drink a lot of milk


According to the farmers from 1975, guzzling milk would help you lose weight.

9. Snack on cookies every other hour

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These cookies were made in a way that you should have eaten them every two hours during a day and finishing with a dinner of 500-700 calorie.

10. Put a steak on your peanut butter sandwich

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Elizabeth Taylor had rather creative and weird ideas as for the diet. The best example would be to put the stake on top of your peanut butter sandwich.

12. Eat a grapefruit before each meal

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In the ’50s, eating half a grapefruit before every single meal with no snacks was quite the craze.

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