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100-Million-Year-Old ‘Alien’ Insect Discovered Trapped In Amber

100-Million-Year-Old 'Alien' Insect Discovered Trapped In Amber

Aliens have always been a topic of interest for all the people on Earth. Scientists are behind finding evidences of the extra terrestrials, since long. But, one scientist, found something strange. The 100-million-year-old remains of an alien-looking female insect — complete with a triangular head and bulging eyes — have been discovered encased in a glob of hardened resin called amber.

 Amber is the material used in numerous jewelries and also to preserve the fossils for years together. It was very astonishing for the study researcher George Poinar Jr., an emeritus professor of entomology at Oregon State Universit to find that the insect did not belong to any of the species identified till now.

Discovery Of The Alien Insect

100-Million-Year-Old 'Alien' Insect Discovered Trapped In AmberA strange insect, now called Aethiocarenus burmanicus, was found preserved in amber. Credit: George Poinar/Oregon State University

Just imagine, you are strolling across the jungles of Burma and you suddenly hit an amber. And that amber has a insect trapped, never seen before on Earth. Before you wonder what amber is; it is that beautiful thing, which jewellers craft out, to make intricate jewelries.

Discovery Of A Mysterious Alien Insect Trapped In Amber Will Surprise YouImage Source (Image Source)

Essentially amber is the hard fossilised resin, which is translucent to look. It originates from the coniferous trees from the tertiary period. It is typically yellow in colour and has been used by jewellers since time immemorial. Amber unveils numerous fossils because of its hardness.

100-Million-Year-Old 'Alien' Insect Discovered Trapped In AmberImage Source (Image Source)

An amber trapped insect was found by professor George Poinar strolling in the jungles of Burma. He took the amber with him and studied it under a microscope, only to deduce that it was a 100 million old, alien like insect.

“I had never really seen anything like it. It appears to be unique in the insect world, and after considerable discussion we decided it had to take its place in a new order.” – Professor George Poinar.

How Was The Alien Insect Like?

As the professor allegedly described, the insect looked similar to an alien. It had a triangular shape head, just like the aliens do. With the head, the neck being one point. The neck was sleek and not something found on the Planet Earth. Apart from this, the two parts of the head were round and big.

100-Million-Year-Old 'Alien' Insect Discovered Trapped In AmberCredit: George Poinar/Oregon State University

It resembled highly with the aliens that you see in the movies and comic books. Those creepy and terrifying aliens that give you chills down the spine. Additionally, it had a long thin body, along with long flexible legs. Post research, the professor concluded that it looked like a tiny and wingless female. Apparently, it most likely dwelled in the bark of trees, the Professor said. Also, it probably only ate almost fungus, tiny mites and other small organisms.

The most intriguing thin about the insect was, it was nothing like the insects found on Earth. Usually scientists worry too much about the extinction of organisms, but for this one, the professor seemed happy for its extinction, because no one would like an alien like insect hovering around.

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