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10 Of The Most Bizarre People On Earth

10 Of The Most Bizarre People On Earth

Planet Earth is home to a number of species, most interesting of them being the Humans. You keep meeting so many new people on a daily basis, and seldom one person is like the other. Everyone has his own peculiarity and differentiating factor. But, what if you meet a person who bears his twin on his stomach for 37 years, or a person who hasn’t slept since three decades? It will surely leave you amazed! So here is a list of 10 such bizarre men on Earth:

1 – Ngoc Has Not Slept Since Three Decades

After a 64 year old Thai Ngoc, suffered from a high fever in 1973, he could not sleep for about 11,700 consecutive nights. His wife claimed that even liquor can not put him to sleep.

2 – Bhagat Had His Twin Brother On His Stomach

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Sanju Bhagat, once visited the doctor for his swollen stomach. It was swollen as if he was 9 months pregnant. The doctors did not detect any tumour, but during the surgery, they found out, it was a case of Foetus in Fetu, where a twin gets wrapped on to another in the foetus.

3 – Yokoi Spent 28 Years Hiding In A Jungle Cave

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After world war 2, Shoichi Yokoi who was a soldier, conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Army in 1941, was sent to Guam. In 1944, as the American forces conquered the island again, he went hiding in a jungle cave. After 28 years, he was discovered on January 24, 1972 by two of the island’s inhabitants.

4 – Mehran Karimi Nasseri – Inspiration Behind The Movie ‘The Terminal’

‘Sir, Alfred Mehran’ as he is popularly known, is an Iranian refugee living in the departure lounge of Terminal One in Charles de Gaulle Airport since August 8, 1988. He is also the inspiration behind the ‘Tom Hanks’ movie, The Terminal, but unlike Tom Hanks, Nasseri lived in the departure hall, near the restaurant passage area.

5 – Mitsuo: An Eccentric Japanese Jesus Christ

Matayoshi Mitsuo is essentially a Japanese politician with a conviction that he is the God and Christ. He allegedly aims to become a Prime Minister and reform the Japanese Society. Although he has presented himself in numerous elections but has not won any, yet.

6 – Bihari: An Officially Dead Person

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Lal Bihari (born 1961), a farmer from Uttar Pradesh, India, found that he is dead in official records, while he went to apply for a loan. There were many people like him, who were declared dead, because someone paid the authorities to get ownership of their properties. He founded Mritak Sangh ‘Association of the Dead’ in Uttar Pradesh, and managed to prove 4-5 people alive.

7 – Icke Believes The Reptilian Humanoids Control The World

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David Icke, a former football player, BBC presenter and British Green Party national spokesperson, sustains that the world was controlled by the Reptilian Humanoids, ‘The Elite’, and people including George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, and Kris Kristofferson are their descendants.

8 – David Allen Bawden Is The Self Elected Pope Michael I

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David Allen Bawden, an American citizen was elected ‘Pope Michael I’ by post-Sedevacantist Catholics as they argued that if the College of Cardinals will not or cannot elect a valid pope, then the Catholics can do so. They claimed that the previous 6 popes were modernists and thus, invalid.

9 – Nakamatsu Aims To Live For Over 140 Years

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Dr. NakaMats a.k.a Yoshiro Nakamatsu (born June 26, 1928), claims to hold more than 3000 world records and has photographed and analysed his every meal in 34 years, as he aims to live over 140 years.

10 – Lotito Is Famous For Consuming Undigestible Things

A French entertainer, Michel Lotito, performs by eating metals, rubber, bicycles, television, etc. He took 2 years to eat an aircraft. Apparently, he is not too much affected with eating the undigestible things as he has his walls with double thickness than the normal person’s.

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