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The 10 World’s Most Bizarre Gods and Goddesses

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and Goddesses

“Men create gods after their own image, not only with regard to their form but with regard to their mode of life.”


It is the most beautiful and calm feeling when you worship a deity. More instances, whenever they are associated with the religion you follow. Compassion, faithfulness, sincerity, wisdom, intelligence, forgiveness, love, purity, strength is associated with them.

It will thus indeed be, interesting for the readers to get acknowledged with 10 of the weirdest deities. They are associated with the myths and legends of lust, malicious tricks, intoxication and death.

1. Loki

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesThe Snaptun Stone may feature a depiction of Loki, the depiction was carved around the year 1000 CE

Loki is a malicious Nordic God. This deity can change into people and animals in accordance with the wish to bring about destructive schemes. The origin of this deity is Scandinavia.

2. Chinnamasta

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesColoured woodblock print depicting the goddess Chinnamastā wreaking chaos and destruction.

– The origin of the deity is Northern India or Nepal. She is the Hindu and Buddhist Goddess of sexual restraint and self sacrifice. The implication of the name is ‘she whose head is severed’. In fact, the pictures portray her with a cut off head, blood flowing out of the cut open neck. And, her attendants drinking the blood.

3. Pan

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesLeft: Pan teaching his eromenos, the shepherd Daphnis, to play the pipes, 2nd century AD Roman copy of Greek original c. 100 BC, found in Pompei/ Right:Pan, painted by Mikhail Vrubel in 1900.

– The deity is associated with Ancient Greece. The deity has hind legs and horns of a goat. He is the deity of shepherds, hunters, forests, flocks and pastoral music. He is also known for his ravenous sexual appetite.

4. Inanna (Ishtar)

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesLikely representation of either Ereshkigal or Ishtar

– The deity has origin to the Mesopotamia (Iraq). She is the Sumerian Goddess of war, sex and fertility. She is known for her sexual desires and unions.

5. Cronus

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesLeft: Cronus swallows his children. Painting by Joe Rowell /Right: Painting by Peter Paul Rubens of Cronus devouring one of his children

– He was the leader of the Titans. Titans came before Zeus. The parents of the Titans were Uranus and Gaia. And, Cronus was their jealous son. In fact, in accordance with the legends, Cronus also planned to eat his children since, on hearing the prediction that his children will overthrow him from the throne.

6. Sheela Na Gigs

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesLeft: A 12th century sheela na gig on the church at Kilpeck, Herefordshire, England/ Right:A sheela-like figure in a non-architectural context, the "santuario rupestre" at Coirós, Province of A Coruña, Spain

– The origin of the deity is associated with Ireland and Britain. The literal meaning of the name is ‘the old hag of the breasts’. The name has reference to a number of stone figures availed from Ireland and Britain, which portray a woman with exposed and exaggerated genitals. She is also known as the fertility Goddess.

7. Isis

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesIsis depicted with outstretched wings (wall painting, c. 1360 BCE)

– The origin of the God is to the Ancient Egypt. She is the deity of nature, magic and motherhood. And, she married her brother Osiris, who was back then lord of the underworld. However, the legend goes that Osiris was killed by their other brother and his parts scattered in Egypt. His manhood was not found when Isis tried to retrieve the pieces; hence she made a golden phallus his organ.

8. Baron Samedi

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesBaron Samedi Loa Of Death | by Nicolas Munoz

– He is associated with Haiti. He is a voodoo God of the dead. In fact, he has always been associated with chaos, intoxication, obscenity and seduction. In fact, the most bizarre aspect about the deity is his skeleton. It wears sunglasses, a tuxedo, a hat and a top.

9. Dionysus

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesLeft: Dionysus extending a drinking cup (kantharos), late 6th century BC/Right:Dionysos riding a cheetah, Macedonian mosaic from Pella, Greece, 4th century BC

– He is the Greek God of chaos, wine and intoxication. In accordance with the legends, he became a bisexual God. It is said that he had the power to bring the dead to life.

10. The Abrahamic God

The 10 World's Most Bizarre Gods and GoddessesThe Sacrifice of Isaac by Caravaggio/ Genesis 22:9 Abraham tied Isaac and put him on the altar. He held the knife over Isaac. Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son. But an angel spoke to Abraham. He told Abraham not to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham had obeyed God. God loved Abraham.

– This has origin to the Israel. There are a number of legends associated. One bespeaks of the story about Abraham and his son Isaac. In accordance with this story, God dares Abraham to show his faith by sacrificing his son. However, as Abe places Isaac on the altar, God ceases him telling him that it was simply a test.


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