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Simple Way To Treat Acne – Banana Peel

The natural remedies gain more and more popularity over the expensive beauty products, and one of the bloggers has uploaded a video to show the healthy trick of …banana peel. Habiba, who is more known on Instagram as makeupholic_moon claims that you get rid of the pimples with the help of the banana peel only and stop wasting money for expensive skincare products.


The major ingredient of this magical remedy is a ripe peel banana, but make sure it is not overripe. If to follow the blogger, the best choice is yellow skin with dark spots.

What exactly you have to do is to cut a slice of banana peel and rub the white part on the spot on your face where you have acne affected area. Leave the peel on the spot for two hours. By the end of the time the peel will turn black, no worries it should be like that. Rub the blackened peel again over affected area and remove it. Don’t wash your face, but leave the residue on your face for a night and wash the face only in the morning when you wake up.

According to Habiba you should continue doing this procedure once a day until acne doesn’t disappear for good, and the blogger claims this trick made miracles with her skin. The inflammation was decreasing and the pimples disappeared just in few hours. Though Habiba warns that this technique has been approved by the doctor, but hadn’t been tested in the clinical trials.

The banana peel trick might work due to the antioxidants present in the peel which refresh your skin.
The blogger is a fan of natural and organic alternatives and is constantly posting about beauty and skin care products . Now you can try another natural remedy against the annoying acne!


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  • WOW!! This is amazing!! I’ve had quiet bad acne for the past months and I’ve searched the web for weeks until I finally came across this article. I already thought I will just have to live with the acne because even facial treatments and expensive lotions did not work at all but thanks to you almost all acne are completely gone. Banana peel are the best thing that I have ever used on my skin.