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Small Boy Opens His Bakery To Buy A New House For His Single Mom

A sensitive story of a 8 year old boy Jalen Bailey, who was brought up by his mother in a way to save up for the better stuff. The first saving was for the Kitchen Aid mixer. But within time his goal has increased and on July 1 he already started the business of his own. Jalen opened the bakery  in the apartment in Fresno where he lives with his mom Shardonda Mahan. From saving for the mixer, the boy moved to saving for the new house. Meanwhile he would love to make more memories with his mom in the kitchen. Very cute for such a small boy, right?

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This is a sort of gratitude as well, because it was mom who first introduced Jalen to business. Mahan has graduated with business degree and has been owing her own businesses since 18. So she made everything to teach son properly about money management. She started to give him knowledge rather early by showing video of other kids starting their first business. Mahan believes it is important to learn it from early childhood, so when he is adult he doesn’t live from one paycheck to next one.

Now Mahan totally supports his baking business – Jalen’s Bakery. The health department has already approved the recipes, so Jalen can easily bake oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. The secret ingredient of his cookies is of course love. The boy truly loves what he is doing and wants to make the other people, customers happy as well. Slowly slowly, cookie by cookie he wants to save for the house, college, puppy and a backup.

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