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Perfect Pair of Shoes: Self-Lacing Sneakers

The dream of many is about to hit the market in November 2016, when the self-lacing shoes will be available for purchase. If you remember the old favorite movie of 1989 Back in Future II, there was a shot from 2015 featuring a pair of cool self-lacing sneakers. Who might have thought that this will be a reality?

Nike is a bit late from the movie version, as 2015 is long time gone. But company confirmed that they have actually been working on developing such self-lacing sneakers, or the HuperAdapt 1.0 which will be released in November this year. Unfortunately the price is still not known.


Everybody is for sure interested in the trick: how exactly it works, right? The inside of the sneakers is wrapped with an internal cable system, crafted from fishing line and hooked up to a pressure sensor located on the sole. So every time you put your feet inside the sneakers and step on the sole, the sensor uses an algorithmic pressure equation to spring the cables, which are laces into motion and tighten them.

If the laces are too tight for your feet you can easily adjust with the help of two buttons located next to the sneaker’s tongue. If self lacing feature is not enough for you, there is also a LED’s in the heel and outer sole of the sneakers installed. It means you will have to put your sneakers on charger next to you iPhone. Though Nike promises that three hours of charge at once lasts two weeks. We wish the phones could be so strong as well.


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