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Pearl Bath Bombs: The Sweetest Way to Propose

Hiding engagements rings in desserts or glass of champagne may be sounds romantic but the new trend is literally to blow all that out of the water. Some people are getting more creative with their proposals by hiding rings inside bath bombs.

Tessa Medlock, founder of Pearl Bath Bombs brand, was inspired by beautiful proposal: her boy friend brought her a bath bomb to help relax for the evening, he’d handmade it and more importantly – there was ring inside. When she discovered this sparkling surprise, he proposed.

This sparked her curiosity, and prompted her to find out just how to make the bath bombs that she loved so much. After much trial and error, she  discovered how to create bath bombs that preserved even the most expensive rings.

Each bath bomb is hand-made with natural ingredients, and comes with a mystery $10-$30 ring (in a random size) and a redemption code.

bomb bath 3


When you enter the redemption code online you can win a(n additional) ring valued at $100, $1000, or $5000. If you don’t win an exclusive ring then PBB will still award you with Pearl Points, which you can save and redeem for free products.

bath bomb2

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