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Mystery Creature: Fairy, Alien Or Demon Locust?

Haven’t you been always fantasized about the fairies? There isn’t a child who does not like hearing tales of fairies, magical creatures and mystical lands. In fact, if you are a parent, you too must have innumerable times narrated the fairy tales to your little ones. There are the tooth fairies, the Godmother fairies, the good fairies and the blessing fairies? And you have loved to believe in this magical world. However, in your heart of heart you always knew that these really do not exist!

But, what if you were told they really do! Indeed, researchers have performed several tests on the fairy like creature, also called the Metepec Hybrid, which reveal intriguing results.

It will be interesting for the readers to know about the entire findings from the start.

So, the researchers Richard Shaw and L.A. Marzulli travelled to Mexico. Here they met the most prominent Latin American UFO Researcher Mr. Jaime Maussan. It was him, who revealed to them a creature which looked like a fairy! The episode telecasted in Watchers 10 lays witness to the findings. They believe that this is going to alter the history forever. There have been put forward pictures and videos for the same, and for those of you who still believe it a hoax, need to see the videos yourself.

DNA sequence-the researcher Richard Rangel, Ph.D performed DNA testing on the creature. Even, for those who have an iota of interest in science, know the significance of DNA testing or DNA mapping. Hence the test! In his own words-
“…No, this is not a hoax, it was not made from a mold. We have a sample of the tissue from this creature that we sent to a DNA molecular laboratory, but when the laboratory tried sequencing the DNA they found it was not in accordance with DNA from the mammals or another creature… there is no match with DNA creatures related with a mammal…” —Ricardo Rangel Ph.D.
Isn’t it amazing, that neither the mitochondrial DNA nor the Nuclear DNA matches with any other known species on Earth!


In consonance with Mr. Jaime Mausan, there is a probability that Metepec Creature is a hybrid being. And yet again, those fairies too are hybrid being.

L.A. Marzulli posted his thoughts on YouTube. Here is a summary of the same:

1. Richard Shaw and he believe in the creature being real. The X- rays reveal it to have a complex skeletal structure.
2. There is a probability that the structure has magical and fascinating attributes. And, again it can be very much like the entities as read in Revelation 9.
3. Immense research is still continuing on the creature. The X-rays are being taken care of by the Forensic Pathologist and Radiologist. In accordance with the MD’s the X-rays have confirmed that the creature is real and not composite.

Only time and more researches will tell the apt indication. However, as of now you can start believing in the mystical and magical creature- the fairies!

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