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Life on Mars: Latest Nasa Footage Shows Human-like Alien Peering Around a Rock

Alien investigators of the internet have spotted what they say could be same type of species was found more than decade ago in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Bizarre six-inch skeleton was considered as possible proof of that extraterrestrial visitors had crash-landed on Earth.

Just feet away from Nasa’s Curiosity rover, YouTube user Paranormal Crucible claims a tiny humanoid alien can be seen spying from behind a Martian rock.


This tiny skeleton, discovered in Chile’s Atacama Desert in 2003, looked human, but had many features that left scientists scratching their heads. When the images hit the internet, many people assumed the only explanation could be aliens. Later DNA tests on Atacama remains found it was a human with a mutation.


Recently captured figure said to be standing behind rock on Mars, peering around the corner, investigators claim it is six inches tall, and compared it to the ‘Atacama alien’.



The original image was captured by the Curiosity rover’s Mastcam, revealing the rocky landscape of the red planet. But at the bottom-center of the photo, Paranormal Crucible claims to have found something strange.

‘Interesting anomolie [sic] found by the rover, which looks like a little Martian,’ the Youtuber wrote.


Somebody mentioned that the small figure is likely a Martian woman, based on the shape of its ‘body.’

On UFOSightings Daily, editor Scott C. Waring added to the claims, writing that the figure in the photo is of a Martian species that is alive, but dwindling. ‘This human-like figure is peering around the corner of a rock wall and I can make out its head, chest, shoulders, arm, leg, knee, and foot from this one close up photo,’ Waring writes.

‘Paranormal Crucible says its about 6 inches…I agree. This is one of the species that once lived on Mars and is still living there now, but in lower numbers. The mysteries of Mars just keep revealing themselves one by one.

source: dailymail 


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