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Genius Way To Make Perfect Cat Eye Makeup Every Single Time

Many girls are struggling with making a perfect eye makeup. Somehow it always turns out to be smashed or uneven. Surely, there are eye stencils nowadays making the process of applying makeup easier, but sometimes it is a bit too complicated to hold them and try to make the cat eye at the same time. That’s the time when adhesive eyeliner stencils come in, which you will love from the first sight!


Beth Bender Beauty has just launched the project of Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils, which include the medical-grade adhesive to safely and smoothly adhere the stencil to your skin. They will fit every single eye shape, because they are adjustable. Simple to use: apply one of them on your eye, leaving thin or thick space for the makeup. This space will determine how thick line you would like draw. The next step is filling up the space with all colors you wish! Once done remove the stencil and your makeup is ready!

Every single stencil comes with instructions and the retail price so far is 9.99$ per 14 sets, which include 28 in total.
These genius stencils will save you bunch of time in front of the mirror plus will provide you with a perfect line and awesome makeup!

Stay beautiful with this simple trick!


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