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‘Finding Dory’-Themed Cake Is A Great Feature For Any Kid’s Party

Jenn Johns, popular food blogger, loves anything and everything related to do-it-yourself baking from scratch, and decorating cakes and cupcakes.

She claims “Finding Dory”- themed cake has been requested by tons and tons of viewers and she is very excited to demonstrate her followers  how to make a Jello Aquarium for Dory and Nemo, sitting on top of an ocean cake. It may become perfect ingredient for kids’ birthday party.

-Clear jello (prepared)
-Blue jello (prepared according to box directions)
-8″ Fish bowl
-12″ round cake (prepared)
-Sky blue, medium blue, white buttercream (prepared )
Dory and Nemo characters
Mini fish plastic characters
-Sour Punch Straws candy
-Airheads Soft Filled Chewy Bites Candy
-Gum paste (pink and white)
-Jelly beans


1. Prepare blue jello and cut into chunks once set. Place chunks into bottom of fish bowl
2. Pour small amount of clear gelatin on top of blue jello. Place into fridge to set.
3. Place Dory, Nemo and fish characters into the set jello, near the sides of the bowl. Pour a bit more clear gelatin into the bowl (filling up to the middle of the characters), and place back in the fridge to set. Once characters are firmly in place, add the rest of the gelatin to cover them completely. Allow to set until needed on the cake.
4. Prepare cake and buttercreams as required.
5. Cut out porions of the cake for waves from the edges. Cover cake in sky blue buttercream. Place the medium blue buttercream in a piping bag, and cut of the end of the bag at an angle. Pipe 3-4 lines of buttercream around the sides of the cake, following the wave line created by the cake carving. Pipe a small amount of white buttercream, onto the top the wave line. Use a paint brush to blend the white into the blue.
6. Roll out small pieces of gum paste, and using small round cutters, remove some round segments from the gum paste for coral. Fold a single sour punch straw into four, pinch the end with 2 folds together, and cut the fold at the other end.
7. Arrange gum paste coral and other sea creatures etc on the cake. Place dowels or straws in the center area of the cake, and a small 4″ cake board on top. Place the fish bowl on top of the board. Cover any exposed board areas with buttercream.
8. Serve when desired. If traveling, leave fish bowl off of the cake, and place on top when arrived at destination.
9. Cake is best consumed within 2-3 days.


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