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DuoSkin Tattoos: Sophisticated Jewelry of 21st Century

Meet DuoSkin, an innovation from MIT’s Media Lab and Microsoft Research. This flashy tattoo is temporary, but it is able to change permanently people’s impressions of wearable technology.

A new kind of tattoo has been created by researchers of DuoSkin. It does look really pretty and also will “allow anyone to create interfaces directly on their skin”, which basically means, your arm could soon become your computer keyboard.

7_three-classes-of-on-skin-user-interfaces-1200x800Photo: Jimmy Day/DuoSkin

The tattoos look innocent enough, basically just like any other kind of temporary jewellery metallic transfer, but the science behind them is way more complicated.

3_2D-trackpad_visualization-1200x1490Photo: Jimmy Day/DuoSkin

These nice looking  tattoos are basically act as input for smartphones or computers, display output based on changes in body temperature and transmit data to other devices via NFC.

DuoSkin’s innovation is breaking away from the specialized, expensive materials in most skin electronics, such as conductive carbon or silver ink. Cindy Kao, a graduate student at MIT, and her coworkers make the tattoos from everyday materials available at craft stores: temporary tattoo printing paper and gold leaf. As a result, the system is actually designed to be fairly inexpensive and easy to set up for just about anyone.


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