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Candela light by Francisco Gomez Paz combines Eco-friendly fuel with LEDs and A Phone Charger!

The new model of a cordless lamp designed by Francisco Gomez Paz was specially created for the Danish-Italian lighting brand Astep. The Argentinian designer, who is currently working in Italy managed to make a lamp according to the traditional Scandinavian lanterns.

The new candela uses a smokeless flame that can generate electricity by itself, powering LED and can be used as a phone charger.

In spite of the new technological improvement comparing to the old styled oil lamps, the new candela still uses the 19th century scientific discovery of electricity creation: from the temperature difference created by the flame.
Once again, the designer managed to combine the traditional with totally new one: as it still remains as a traditional candle but with a 21st technology inside. The main miracle of this invention is the process of flame transforming into electricity, which was originally found in 1820-s by Jean-Charles-Athanase and Thomas Johann Seebeck.

The wick is made from ceramic fibres and the cover is aluminum in order to make it last longer. The light comes up through the hand blown Czech glass shade and the aluminum canister at the center contains nothing but bio ethanol, that burns clearly as it is made from fermented corn.

The main trick is how can it charge your favorite phone? The two various temperatures create one through the generator which has 24 LEDs around the base. The surplus energy is collected in the battery cell which is used for charging the phone via USB port. The fuel in the canister is enough for a lamp to past around six hours straight.
The new designed candle is a true innovation, especially due to the rapid development of LED.

source: dezeen

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