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Budapest Air Race: Watch How Low The Planes Are Flying!

The Red Bull Air Race which took place in Hungary, Budapest is a test of dynamic piloting. The main goal of which is to pass by the airway full of obstacles with a minimum of time! Pilots have to complete a single program for each of the participants and make sharp turns, along with passing through a pair of constructed pylons 20 meters height, which are more known as air gates. During the race it is very important to be both speedy and precise, as even tiny mistake can lead to penalty. Only the best of the best pilots can manage holding the airplane at low altitudes at high speeds, which sometimes reach 400 kilometers per hour.

Every candidate is selected carefully before the competition and all of them showed great performance, professionalism and skillful techniques.
Third place belongs to the Australian Matt Hall with his MXS plane.

Slovak Peter podlunsek with his Edge 540 V2.

US Kirby Chambliss with his Edge 540 V3 plane.

Japanese Yoshihide Muroya.

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Peter Podlunsek from Slovenia is completing his performance.

Nigel Lamb from Great Britain flies above Danube River during the semi final.

The winner of the Red Bull Air Festival was the German pilot Matthias Dolderer, the second one got Austrian pilot Hannes Arch and the third one was awarded to Australian pilot Matt Hall.



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