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100 Year Old Woman Took Part At Vancouver Senior Games

When you think of running competitions, for sure you imagine young athletes competing for the next medal, but Man Kaur has no age neither gender limitation, and has become the senior female competitor at the Vancouver Senior Games. She made 100 meter dash and hit the line just few seconds over the minute. Man didn’t care that her competitors who were years younger were passing by, she was anyway cheered by the crowd with awe and respect.

What makes it even more inspiring, Man Kaur has become a runner only in the age of 93, having no previous experience in sports. But thanks to the support of her son Gurudev Singh, who is 78 years old, is a runner by himself and took part in various competitions. His mother was always healthy, energetic woman, and after watching in one of the senior categories how older people were taking part with him, the son thought that his mom could take part as well. Mother was very happy to hear this suggestion and took it as a new challenge in her life.

In the same year, 2011 she took part in the National Masters Athletics Championship held in Chandigarth, and represented India in the World Masters Athletics Championship at Sacramento. She even won two golden medals, creating two new world records in her age category and got a title of Athlete of the Year.
She doesn’t stop on her achievements and continues to train and take part in other competitions. That’s the love for life!


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