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Turkish Resort Town of Hisaronu Where Azda And Nexst Are Top Shops

Majority of British people look forward to run away from typical busy high street who they go abroad. But one resort town in Turkey will make them feel like they never left home – thanks to variety of stores which have been ‘inspired’ by some of the UK’s most famous household names.

Walking the streets of Hisaronu you will be surprised to see iconic stores as Nexst, Marc Spenger, Azda and even Selfridgez, but don’t be mistaken for thinking you are in Milton Keynes.

Turkish coastal town Hisaronu Oludeniz near Fethiye was just a typical Turkish village 10 years ago, but now it is known as the most popular resort town appreciated by tourists from all over the world.



To make things clear, the majority of the shops have a tag proudly saying “Made in Turkey”. However you still may find all the goodies in these stores, which you expect to see in British shops, from football shirts to Beats headphones.

But the town got it’s inspiration not just from British stores, as here you may find its own version of America’s McDonald’s, proudly called McDowell’s.


If some of you are feeling really homesick, you can easily visit one of the fish and chips shops – Codswallop, just to feel for a moment that you are home.

source: dailymail

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