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Watch Your Step: The Temple Of Doom In China

Built in 1146, Ganlu Temple is hiding inside the valley in Taining county, which is located in Fujian province, China. What makes this temple remarkable is its specific location and the way to it! In order to pray in this Buddhist temple, located 260 feet above the ground it is carved inside the cliff you will have to pass through a remarkable journey.


The dangerous and weird location of the temple is one of the major reasons thousands of tourists take pilgrimage tour to worship in this unique place every single year.

What is even more spectacular about the Ganlu Temple is that being built into China’s popular Danxia landforms of red mountains, here most of the structure is hold by one single pillar.

The name of temple, Ganly, literally means sweet dew, thanks to the massive stalactite located above the temple, and a dripping spring water tastes as sweet as dew, according to the locals.

The Buddhist temple is believed to have healing properties, and couples struggling to conceive usually come here to worship Buddha and believe it might help them to have kids. According to one of the legends, the temple was built by Ye Zu Qia and was devoted to her mother, who had troubles with conceiving the baby, but once she visited this area , shortly after the miracle has happened.



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