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Unexpected: The Plane’s Dirtiest Areas Revealed!


Traveling by plane is one of the fastest and convenient ways to get from one point to another. You sit in the comfortable chair, watch movies and a nice suited lady is carrying drinks and food for you. What can be even more pleasant, right?

We are aware that cabin crew has limited time to clean up the aircraft before the next bunch of passengers hit their seats. But did you know that it is not only a toilet where the gems have a party? There are eight areas in total on the plane which can turn your vacation into nightmare:

The tray table



Never ever put your peanuts on the tray and eat from there. According to ex flight attendant, she has seen more of dirty diapers on those trays than a food. Unfortunately not all passengers make a bacterial wipe after. So far the tray table was the second highest carrier of E.coli in the plane cabin and the disease will show itself in just 72 hours.

Blankets and pillows


This is tough. If you think that those blankets and pillows are freshly washed, you are very wrong. Flight attendant Sara Keagle says that such a treat is given to first class passengers only. If we go back to 2007, Wall Street Journal had an article about one US airline to wash their blankets once a month.

The armrest and seat-belts


Don’t fight anymore for the armrest with your neighbor. Give it to him, as it is a number one area in the cabin to carry E.coli. Starting from people who wipe their hands in it after eating, or maybe those who forgot to wash their hands after using a restroom. The seat belts are rarely changed or washed and have been used for years by various passengers.

The toilet handle


Get this routine straight: close the door before you wash the hands. The plane’s lavatory is a treasure for microcosm of microscopic gems, so make sure to sanitize your hands properly, as E.coli lives on the handle up to 48 hours.

The carpets and seats


Don’t try walking barefoot on the plane. For the benefit of your health minimize the skin contact with anything on the plane. Flight attendants have even witnessed passengers to urinate in their seats.

The in-flight magazines


The same situation with these magazines. Can you imagine how many passengers have touched those papers and nobody can guarantee that those hands were washed. Of course the airlines do a proper cleaning, but for sure  they don’t wipe every single page of the magazine.

The seat pocket

It is a place where most of the garbage can be found, like used tissues, chewing gums and nail clippings. Try to avoid placing anything in those spaces and wash your hands after using it.

Tap water


At least one plane among ten was tested positive for coliform. That’s why you see the welcoming water coming from the bottle rather than a jug.

You can save yourself from a trouble by avoiding too much contact with the described areas. And always sanitize your hands and everything you touch on the plane, just in case.


source: dailymail

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