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Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of Tibet

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of Tibet

“Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.”
― Jeffrey Rasley  

Tibet, the Roof of the World, is featured with so many unexplained mysteries which have been closed off, long ago.

Here are the top 10 mysteries which are always waited by Tibet travellers, scientists to be explored. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Yeti Mystery

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetYeti Footprints in Snow

The Abdominal Snowman, with the Tibetan name, Yeti, is a biped and an ape-hairy creature, which was believed to swell in the Himalayan region of Tibet and Nepal. Though many expeditions were revealed, no one had ever seen yeti, other than its footprints, with questionable hides. There has been no evidence that supported his existence in the region, yet there are no denials to be made for his existence. And it is said that, if he shelters himself in the barren, frozen reaches of Himalaya, he can indeed escape there longer, since no man indeed goes there.

2. Gterma Mystery

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetGterma Mystery: Hidden Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures (Dead Sea Scrolls)

The re-excavated classics, Gterma, were hidden by Tibetan Buddhists with religious beliefs. This comprises books and possession of knowledge. Conditions prevailing, these Gterma scriptures can be recorded and written in a way, which can be easily read by even the illiterate farmers and other herdsmen.

3. Shambhala Mystery

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetShambhala Kingdom. Image courtesy: David J Baldwin

Shambhala, or Shangri-la, in the Tibetan language, is the pure land. The birthplace of Kalachakra teachings, this is the Myth of Buddhists. The Buddhists scholars address this place as the fictional paradise; however, the existence of the same is a mystery till now.

4. Rainbow Body Mystery

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetColors of Tibetan Buddhism

From the Tibetan Buddhism, a lama is called the body of the rainbow, when acquires the highest accomplishments forms. This is also believed that the people, who have studied Buddhism deeply, transform into a rainbow.

5. Mystery of King Gesar’s storytellers

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetTibetan folk artists | Gesar Performers

King Gesar life is a famous Tibetan epic which is still prevalent all over the world. Over 100 folk artists, in Tibet, have been singing the accomplishments of King Gesar. Some storytellers even reveal that they summon King Gesar in the dream, and started singing absolutely.

6. Mystery of Shangshung Kingdom

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetRuins of Shangshung Kingdom

The Tibet Plateau was created by the Shangshung Kingdom. This led to the invention of Shang shung language and the birthplace of Bon religion. However, this kingdom has led to many riddles which are still not solved.

7. Guge Kingdom Mystery

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetRuins of Guge Kingdom

The Guge Kingdom was created in the mid 9th century. However, in 1630, it was defeated by Ladakh and left amazing architectures and paintings. But the vanished Guge Kingdom is still an unsolved mystery.

8. Tibetan Shaman Mystery

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetTibetan Shaman

It was believed that the Tibetan Shaman could speak to God and spirits, and obtained solutions for community problems. They were also called the fortune telling and sacrifice leading messengers between humans and spirits.

9. Mystery of Mount Everest Flag Clouds

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetFlag cloud in Mt. Everest

On a clear weather, you can always witness white milky clouds above Mount Everest. The clouds look like the flag being multifarious, and can also reflect changes in the high air flows.

10. Red Snow Mystery

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of TibetRed Snow of Mount Everest

Above 5000 meters from the Himalayas, you can often see red snow. At permanent ice and snow, the algae there don’t die even when the temperature is 36 degrees below zero Celsius.

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