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This Man Travels Around The World In Order To Keep Monuments Clean

Most of us start traveling in order to explore new culture, see new destination or simply relax in a totally new place, far away from home stress and drama, right? But Thorsten Mewes has totally different goal while traveling. Being a cultural cleaning expert, he spent around 25 years traveling and making all world wonders clean and neat. Such famous monuments most of the travelers have in their gallery of pictures,as the London Eye, The Statue of Christ in Brazil, the Forbidden City in China – all have been cleaned up by this man and his team.

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In general Thorsten was a part of the team cleaning around 80 cultural projects and the man admits, that this job is really awesome, though meets a number of challenges as well, like by no means you can’t destroy or even damage anything. For example, cleaning up the Space Needle project was really tough, as they had to do all the job so accurately, that none of the lacquer covering the building was destroyed. While cleaning the Statue of Christ, they had to climb totally up to cover all the area.36A96DA100000578-0-image-a-19_1469695471289

Plus some of the monuments are rather difficult to reach, so you need to either climb or hang. The preparation for each project is really necessary for the successful completion.

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It is truly amazing, how the world’s monuments are kept so clean and neat, and now we know to whom to say thank you!



This Man Travels Around The World In Order To Keep Monuments Clean
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